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Rosie O’Donnell on the ending of the “Ellen DeGeneres Show”

Ellen DeGeneres seems to have the support of Rosie O’Donnell because she decided to end her long-time daytime talk show.

In an interview with SiriusXM on Wednesday, “The Jeskager Show,” The 59-year-old TV personality was called the “Queen of Nice” when she hosted the “Rocio Donnay Show” from 1996 to 2002. She spoke to DeGeneres’ decision to end her talk show in 2022. Weigh, the next 19 seasons, following allegations of workplace toxicity.

Although she believes that DeGeneres’ motto of “kindness” does haunt her again, O’Donnell said that there may be several factors that led to DeGeneres’ withdrawal.

“I don’t think it was’kindness’ that hurt her,” O’Donnell quoted Entertainment Weekly As said. “I think it’s too simplistic. But there are many things and they are complicated. I’m very happy for her, you know, it’s almost over, she can have time to be alone.”

O’Donnell added that being the only person hosting a popular show is never easy, especially when they have to do this for years.

She said: “It’s a very strange thing to participate in such a show and concentrate on you.” “And she has been doing it for 19 years. So, you know, it’s a difficult thing.”

O’Donnell was also asked whether her Queen of Nice nickname had caused similar problems with DeGeneres.

“I think it’s not like Allen said,” she said. “But you know, I said on the day it came out,’Look at this, Queen Nice. And [in] In a few years, it will become the queen of lice, the queen of fried rice, you know, we no longer like her queen.

The “A League of their Own” star, who co-hosted “The View” and later had her own radio show, shared that she understands the ins and outs of the show business and realizes that some things are not easy to manage and must end.

“I understand the cycle of the acting industry, what happens in people’s careers, and when it’s enough,” she explained. “And usually people don’t know this. I think I have achieved a good balance between the two in my life-the importance of the two. And it’s hard to maintain. It’s hard to do, especially when you do Such a show.”

In May, DeGeneres explained in an interview Hollywood Report She wants to move on from the show because she no longer finds it challenging.

“When you are a creative person, you always need to accept a challenge-although this show is great and fun, it is no longer a challenge,” DeGeneres said.

At the same time, the in-house DJ and co-executive producer Stephen “tWitch” Boss of the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” shared that he already knew that DeGeneres would not renew her contract three years ago. According to the boss, the talk show host told them at the time that she had signed a contract for three years, and he thought “she will be loyal to this.”

“She has been working, really, really, really hard,” the boss tell Eh! news. “So there is nothing like’Oh, she will definitely update something again.'”

Rosie O’Donnell, taken on January 31, 2014. Her 17-year-old daughter, Chelsea, could not be found. However, the teen’s biological mother Dianna Mikoli thought she might know where Chelsea was going.
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