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British Airways settles with victims of 2018 data breach

The lead attorney for the case appointed by the court said on Tuesday that British Airways has resolved a case brought by customers and employees affected by a large-scale data breach in 2018 that led to the disclosure of personal information.

The law firm PGMBM said that after mediation with British Airways, people affected by the data breach will receive a confidential settlement.

It added that the resolution does not include the airline’s admission of any responsibility.

British Airways, a subsidiary of IAG, disclosed that its security system was breached in 2018, which resulted in the leakage of the personal data of 420,000 employees and customers.

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British Airways said in an e-mailed statement that it is happy to resolve the class action.

The Office of the Information Commissioner of the United Kingdom imposed a fine of 20 million pounds (US$27.7 million) on British Airways in October-the largest such fine at the time by the data protection watchdog-for failing to protect the personal and financial details of its customers .

At 0820 GMT, IAG shares rose 3% on the London Stock Exchange. (1 USD = 0.7212 pounds)

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