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Buckingham Palace prepares for a public picnic before the garden opens


he Buckingham Palace The garden will be open to the public for picnics and self-guided tours for the first time on Friday.

Due to the demand for tickets, additional locations are provided throughout the dates from July to September.

Visitors will be able to picnic on the wide lawn and explore the garden on their own.

View of Buckingham Palace from across the 3.5-acre lake in the garden

The route includes a 156-meter herbaceous border, a avenue of horse chestnuts, and the planted and named plane trees queen Victoria with Prince Albert And the view of the island and its beehives spanning 3.5 acres of lake.

The Royal Collection Trust also launched a series of new products inspired by summer picnics to coincide with the Queen’s opening ceremony London Home.

Its design is inspired by royal ceremonies and summer flowers, including picnic blankets, sandwich bags, cotton napkins and reusable water bottles.

Buckingham Palace Cool Bag

This sandwich bag is priced at £7.95 and is decorated with colorful corgis, cupcakes, carriages, butterflies, flowers and a soldier pattern in a red tunic and bearskin hat.

Buckingham Palace hand sanitizer is decorated with a fuchsia crown and two flowers and costs £3.95, while a light blue picnic rug costs £35, rolled up and secured with floral fasteners, and decorated with blue and white porcelain teapots.

Picnic rug

Strawberry and champagne jam and butter shortbread are snacks sold in the Royal Collection.

200g Strawberry and Marc de Champagne Preserve is priced at £4.95, a can of Buckingham Palace Orange Lemon Shortbread is priced at £6.95, and a white cotton napkin embroidered with a golden fork and spoon is priced at £8.95.

Strawberry and champagne jam

The public who must book in advance can also arrange in advance to participate in a guided tour of the southwestern part of the garden, including the rose garden, summer house and wildflower meadow.

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