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click. read. like. 17/3/23 | Jess Ann Kirby

Happy St. Patty’s Day! We’ve had a big snowstorm this week and Marin is home sick, so we’re not as productive as I’d like. We did have a lot of fun in the snow. On the work side, we are making some small updates to the website. We have a lot more content on our blog these days and I want to make sure it’s easy to find and navigate. I’ve been getting so many requests to do more capsule wardrobes, I’ve got a lot planned for the next few weeks/months and I’m really excited. Have a great weekend everyone, lots of good links this week!

Here are the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Karin

click. read. like. 3.17.23

anyone feels great hope Read the torrent directory? (new yorker)

I bought it These white straight-leg jeans from Madewell They were a favorite last spring. Insiders get 25% off.

If you need some kitchen inspiration…Here are some gems. (Gourmet 52)

These Climbing vines cover ugly fences.(architectural abstracts)

i just bought some Handmade Jewelry from ABLE Buy a gift and get 20% off when you buy 2 or more with code GIVEONE.I love heart necklace (this is part of my fall collection and has been restocked) and Column cuff bracelet (you can personalize it).

This dress Perfect for a spring wedding or if you are looking for long sleeves this elegant style interesting.

They set out to save the rainforest—and A stumble upon a way to help prevent the world’s next deadly pandemic.(No public)

The equilibrium point becomes 4 and I have a code for 20% discount (New and old customers!).use Codename Jassan Kobe for Extra 20% off. My absolute must have is Rapid Calming Melts, Sleep Gummies, Daily Gummies & Recovery Roll-Ons. My dad just had surgery on his shoulder and really likes the Recovery Roll-On for pain relief.

New trends in real estate!The apartment building’s lifestyle manager is hosting mezcal classes and meditation hours in the city Fully furnished bubble building.(contain)

One of my favorite suggestions that has gotten a lot of upvotes in the community, Innersense Shampoo and conditioner.

Author, CEO and attorney Meena Harris explains Why the word ‘ambitious’ may no longer be appropriate for women Who is going to look for it. (Marie Claire)

“In 2021, U.S. maternal death rate soars 40%, according to new government data. Here’s how one family is coping after the virus threatened a pregnant mother. ” (New York Times)

Borden girls dress So cute for spring (currently 25% off). this is one of my favorites. – Jess

omg i just started watching The Murdo Murders: A Scandal in the South— Incredibly, these people got away with it. –Karin

how Help young people limit screen time, and feel better about how they look. (NPR)

Imagine taking out the trash Oprah called and told you she liked your book? ! (New York Times)

File this under terrible news. 21 South Carolina Republican lawmakers propose death penalty For women who have had abortions. (rolling stone)

That’s cool. Universal Standard is now showcasing their garments on models Various sizes from 00-40.

To anyone’s surprise, some Influencers are rethinking how they share their kids online, while the children posting online are imploring lawmakers to take steps to protect them. (teen fashion)

Ha ha.

The U.S. government gives the most help to the least needy. How America Creates Poverty. (New Yorker)

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