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Click. read. like. 23.10.20 | Jesse Ann Kirby

Click. read. like. 23.10.20

Happy Friday. We had a lazy day today. I had a sinus infection that I finally got medication for, and Marin had some sort of cold that hopefully didn’t get worse. There are too many tourists in the city, so we stay close to home most of the time. There are tons of great links this week, I hope you enjoy them. Take care and have a great weekend.

Here are the best of the week. – kaylin and jesse


The limited evidence we have definitely does not support the idea that men were hunters in the past and women were not...Hunting may have been recast as a male activity in recent years, but for much of human history it belonged to everyone”. (“Scientific American”)

this will be more fun If only it weren’t so true. (new yorker)

Resources on how to proceed Help victims of the Israeli-Palestinian war. (Eller)

who doesn’t just love America Ferrera? (charm)

have you ever thought about How much exercise do you really need A week? (Really simple)

war has shown us How broken social media has become. (atlantic organization)

a couple’s story Downsized and sold the house. There will be no waste. (new york magazine)

I absolutely love Stephanie Danler’s writing This article is in sewanee review No exception. -Kaylin

you may have seen This post went viral on Instagram From Ben Sheehan. Here’s What He Really Says About the Power of Propaganda. (The Daily Beast)

I just started watching chemistry course That’s great! (Apple TV+) –Kailin

AI will play an important role How children born today experience the world. It depends on whether we are good or bad. (Walkers)

“Our phones rob us of satisfaction… They make us feel like there’s always something more satisfying we could be doing. But when it comes to raising children, caring for them, even in passive ways like listening to them Talking about something as confusing as Roblox is absolutely the most important thing you can do.” Must read. (Cut Newsletter meditation)

Is it possible to have a balanced relationship with your cell phone?? (Sarah Peterson)

Reports of abuse related to reproductive coercion—behavior that prevents someone from making important decisions about their physical and reproductive health— Roe v. Wade almost doubled in the year after it was overturned, according to the latest data from the National Domestic Violence Hotline (NDVH). (No. 19)

Sanitary napkin tax rebate? Yes, please! (Refinery 29)

In many states, lawyers are pushing for a new legal strategy Forcing biological parents to fight for custody of their children. (The New Yorker)

“After identifying effective self-care, it is important to Respect and practice self-care habits You need to, but also have a realistic view of what the ‘outcome’ might look like. ” (good + good)

When we are sick or injured, Why we are so bad at getting better? (new yorker)

OMG, buyer beware. read this Before you make a purchase using a payment app. (business insider)


Don’t forget to check Credo’s Sitewide Sale. All items are 20% off. All my options are here.

not entirely surprised Liz pullover sweater The most popular of my ABLE collaborations. Get 15% off with JAK15.

this Madewell Perfect Vintage Jeans It’s one of my favorite styles Use code FALLIN for 40% off.

UGG brought it back My favorite winter boots in my favorite color. I bought these a few years ago and they are seriously the best. Keeps your feet warm and dry, super durable and great in the snow. Definitely buy at least half a size larger.

If you are looking for an affordable puffy coat for your child, This one from Cat & Jack is so cute and reversiblee.

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