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Click. read. like. 23.9.23 | Jesse Ann Kirby

Happy Saturday.This week has been a bit of a whirlwind, yesterday we at last Got a partition for our living room which meant I could share the entire space in no time. can not wait anymore! There’s still a little painting left, and then it can be revealed. Also putting the finishing touches on our outdoor deck and patio area so I can share it next week.

Foliage season is in full swing here and I’m having so much fun decorating our house with pumpkins and mommy. Love all things fall. I wish you a nice weekend.

Here are the best of the week. – Jesse and Kaylin

Click. read. like. September 23, 2023

read. watch. listen.

Raising children is “the best job in the world.” Why caring for the elderly is the worst? (that incision)

I’m still adding, but This is a playlist Put you in the mood for a comfortable season. –Jesse

The tuition fee is too high. Some universities cut it in half. (New York Times)

Why don’t doctors stop talking? Women and non-binary peoplethe weight of. (News No. 19)

Why The rise of artificial intelligence is forcing media More transparency into the pipeline—and why you should care about who’s writing the stories you read. (vanity fair)

Have any Rhode Island locals tried it? Mother in downtown Newport? The rib salad was beyond range, as was the pizza.

Today is the autumnal equinox, This is your horoscope! (Cosmo)

After explaining to a friend that I was looking for a series with a large number of books, she gave me the first book in the series Louise Penny Series About a Canadian detective. This is exactly what I want! -Kaylin

Tim Ballard, “anti-slavery activist” of Operation Underground Railroad Accused of sexual misconduct involving seven women. (vice)

Of all the friendship-ruining triangles, have you ever thought will be your child Is this the end of the matter? (that incision)

No link here, just a hot tip. Did you know that most libraries have their own e-reader apps, such as Kindle, where you can borrow books? This is a game changer for me! -Kaylin

are you that person Be emotionally available on dates? (every girl)

virus problem Budget Trends Ozempic. (scientific american)


The most comfortable blanket, and !

Got These green organic cotton stretch rib leggings And very comfortable (on sale right now).

From the same brand, These organic cotton undershirts Comfortable and available in a variety of colors, they can be paired with a matching sweatshirt.

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