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click. read. like. 5.27.23 | Jess Ann Kirby

The weather was sunny this weekend and the town was full of locals and tourists. Excited to go mountain biking around the lake for the next few days. Maybe finally get rid of the few lingering winter sweaters in my closet. So many great links this week! I wish you a nice weekend.

Here are the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Kaelin

click. read. like. 5.27.23

Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem Banned in parts of Florida. (charm)

I live in These organic cotton pants from Pact They have 20% off this weekend.

On my weekend watch list: Hillsong’s Secret Based on the scandal surrounding the megachurch.

The first social media babies are growing They have some feelings about their lives being slammed on the internet. (Atlantic Organization)

this Madewell Linen Mini Dress So cute and 30% off!

We need to keep sharing these stories related to abortion.(New York Times)

I’m a neutral girl but Farm Rio x Sézane Collection So funny!

Is everyone secretly sleeping?? (that cut)

this story about Ron DeSantis’ Behavior During Guantanamo It’s really chilling. (Algeria)

The perfect tote bag for summer (Up to $35 off SUMMERSTYLE orders).

If you go to The Strategist for product advice, Here are their top 100 picks. (strategist)

“this the anxiety of having to tell a man It’s a very real fear that you’re not interested in him. ” (Cosmo)

unshakable tina turner. Some people play music; some people become music. (new yorker)

to anyone who still has a crush on joshua jackson.(fatherly)

The linen cutout midi dress Would be gorgeous for a summer event, and on sale for less than $60!

How many people doing nothing at work.(sound)

3 Ways to Protect Your Money – wikiHow If the U.S. defaults on its debt. (NPR)

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