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click. read. Love. 12.2.22 | Jess Ann Kirby

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A snowy cabin hidden in the woods sounds great, doesn’t it? I’m currently living in a never-ending daycare sickness hell, wondering if this year is worse than last. But it’s boosting her immunity, right? ! Somehow, this is no longer comforting. We have a 5th disease so far this year and I think(?)…becoming untraceable. If this is you too, I don’t know what else to say other than I’m sorry. I promise I’m not going to tell you that your kid just needs to “eat healthier and start seeing a chiropractor”. Yep, that’s a real message I got from someone on Instagram.

Which got me thinking about my next thing, which is officially December and my last month on Instagram. I get a lot of messages asking if I really want to leave the app and the answer is yes. I have a great guy who will manage my account for me, but I personally don’t plan on using the app after this month. I’m nervous/excited/curious about how this will affect my day-to-day life. However, I will be launching my online community next week, There are currently some tests being done within the platform to address any issues. I hope you join, whether or not you want to leave Insta I think it will be a great place to connect with other like-minded people, online and IRL. My newsletter subscribers will get priority access (free for the first few months). Sign up here.

I wish you a nice weekend. Here are the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Kaelin (C)

click. read. Love. 12.2.22

Anyone else feeling this way lately? Everything was fine…until it wasn’t.(NPR)

Sezane makes the most beautiful shirts. I like this Wear it under a turtleneck or cardigan. – Jess

What is it this time? Mother with baby at nursery day.(that cut)

Speaking of daycare, Our childcare infrastructure is broken, but anyone with kids knows that. (that cut)

When I breastfeed my baby for a year, This article on what it takes to breastfeed It really works for me. – Kaelin (New York Times)

i get a lot of compliments this sweater. Get 20% off at Faherty with code JESSKIRBY (until 12/10).

Yes, go outside even in the cold, But it also has many health benefits.(Oprah via Apple News)

Apparently Instagram is over Or everyone is on Instagram. (Atlantic Organization)

an incredible poem About the labor of Lizzie Harris.

I bought this bracelet as a gift and it is beautiful.i like it’s a gift with a purpose also. Use code JAKGIFT30 for 30% off.

23 Best Places to Go in America in 2023.(Condé Nast Traveler)

I love Sara Petersen’s newsletter and this On why people buy what conservative mom influencers are selling very funny. Freedom moms/school board takeover/feminism to feminism, it’s all interconnected. – Jess

this Melted Snowman Bark Makes a lovely holiday treat!

so if you haven’t seen Tim Burton’s new collection, Wednesday, On Netflix I highly recommend it! It’s very interesting. Jenna Ortega is also great. – Kaelin

I worked less for a year. This is a must read. “But where does it end? If 5 years ago I knew what I did and what I did last year, she would have thought I had made it. However, I was there and it didn’t feel like enough. The more I did, I want more. No matter what project I take on, I can always find a more impressive client or brand partnership.” (sub stack)

why should you Never check your email before noon. (James Clear)

If you’re looking for a newsletter about small but meaningful ways to improve sustainability, please consider subscribing Newsletter for my friend Laura. If you want to feel her writing, Check out this article on how to avoid the gift-giving spree during vacation. – Kaelin

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