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Click. read. Love. 9.3.21 | Jesse Ann Kirby

It’s September, and Vermont already feels like autumn. It’s all sweater weather, which makes me think that the leaves here may start to change earlier than usual. We completed Marin’s first Sunday care. She used to be a soldier, and I am proud of her. Without plans for a long weekend, the city may be very busy, so we will stay close to home and go for a lot of walks and adventures. This morning I will spend an hour to see the sale of farmhouse pottery tents. I am very excited. I hope to catch a few works that I have been paying attention to. I wish you a nice weekend.

In addition, this is a heavy news week. Rest is a kind of self-care. Joy is a kind of self-care. We can sympathize with those who are suffering and feel angry about what is happening at the same time, while also protecting our mental health and well-being. This is a difficult balance, but we must work hard to find it. take care of yourself.

If you are looking for something to buy, try, read, share or top, we can meet your needs. This is the best of the week…
Jess (J) & Kailin (C

Click. read. Love. 9.3.21

All of you Need to know and understand the abortion ban in Texas——What will happen next.this Twitter topic A must-read for organizations you can support to help Texans get abortions at the bottom.

The damage caused by Hurricane Ida is absolutely devastating and continuous. If you want to help, here are resources.

I’m not usually a reader of Magnolia Journal, but I recently picked up their fall issue and I was shocked by this article perfectly describing my current feelings. This is a wonderful reading, please check it out! (C)

Have you watched “Miracle Years”? There is a remake, which looks really good. Check out the trailer!

I shared These super comfortable and comfortable sustainably manufactured pants Yesterday’s IG story. They are currently sold for less than $35! (J)

An interesting concept worth paying attention to. Covid medical costs are about to increase, that’s why.

It seems like a good time to reach a settlement this week Revisit this ancient work, it reminds us all of how personal the opioid epidemic is.

If you are looking for something interesting this weekend, we just watched Clickbait on Netflix This is a perfect thriller. Full of many twists and turns, there are only eight episodes, and when the three-day weekend is over, you will easily finish it. (C)

Speaking of interesting things, we have been watching The other two on HBO Max I don’t remember the last time I laughed so often in a performance. Molly Shannon has always been the most popular. (J)

About the demise of the female boss.

My brother got This Patagonian wool It was finally fitted to Marin last Christmas. It is so cute and super warm.

Texas Republicans got what they wanted But accountability is coming.

Death, because only David Sedaris can contemplate, This is his second article on the death of his father.

You may know what the Myers-Briggs test result is. Here is how this test has taken the world by storm.

Two of my favorite beauty products I shared in my story this week: Dae leave the conditioner with Herbivore Bakuchiol Serum. (J)

How a grieving mother can help Cracked her daughter’s cold case.

Resilience is important, maybe it’s more important now than ever, Some tips for developing resilient children.

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