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Clothing of the week 6.22.22

I’m back with another guy clothing week! Happy official start of summer. Had a really nice June on the island with some really warm days which was great as the water warms up faster. We’ve been doing a lot of house projects, just general maintenance. Of course, the first week we were back here, everything was broken or in need of repair. It’s also a busy social month, catching up with friends and family. Craig and I attended our first live concert in over three years with our friends in the Cape Cod Melody tent. I forgot what an amazing experience it is to watch a live show. Here are all the clothes I wore last week.

on Monday

Ended up playing some tennis and I really like these Outdoor Voices dresses because they are so comfortable, great for activities, and can be worn all day.You might also like My top 10 tennis gear blog posts.

what i wear: Outdoor Voices Round Dress (fit to size), ASICS Gel Sneakers


Craig and I went to Cape Cod Melody Tent to watch Lake Street diving. Our Vermont neighbors are drummers and our family has become friends, so seeing the band live was a special treat (our first concert in over three years!). Also remind you that staying up late is not the same as sleeping in, even if your child is not with you.

what i wear: i wear Kyra Mini Dress (xs) Walking around in these cycling shorts on the way there and before concerts.i became Kyra Midi Dress wear it at night with mine ABLE Bailey Denim Jacket (15% off JAK15) and Birkenstock (zoom out).


Mainly a day of work and make-up, I wrote a few blog posts and did a lot of finalizing on the Woodstock guide (coming soon!).

what i wear: ABLE Jordan Short Sleeve Button Down Use code JAK15 for 15% off (reduced size), ABLE high-rise stretch-denim shorts (true size), Birkenstock


It was my dad’s birthday and I had to do an emergency root canal, yeah. It’s a big GSD day with car inspections, errands and work.

What I wear: mountain everyday leggings (xs), Mountain Sunrise Crop Tank, Solomon Raceway, Lululemon Belt Bag


More appointments, all done, I had an annual inspection, and then we had a family dinner with Marin’s little cousin Jack (they were the same age, so it was fun).

what i wear: Get 15% off ABLE with code JAK15 – ABLE long dress (xs), ABLE sandals, ABLE Karla Belt Bag


In the morning we took Marin to the park to play with her cousin. We had a family picnic on a Saturday night, no photos, and I had to put on level 4 because it was so cold. Haha, Newport in June.

what i wear: Cezanne Gatsby Marigner, Birkenstock (zoom out), CQY Friends Jeans (added one size)


It’s a very casual Father’s Day. We took the dogs to the beach for a swim and spent the morning making sandcastles. I was cold and Marin was running around in the water with no phase at all. I got this Sweet Berry sweatshirt last week and I couldn’t take it off (bought one for Craig on Father’s Day and realized I needed one too).

what i wear: Sweet Berry Farm Sweatshirt, mountain everyday leggings, Birkenstock

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