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Restaurants that wish to survive COVID-19 must be particularly creative, not in their food, but in their seats. Because many places restrict or completely prohibit indoor dining, restaurant owners have turned to outdoor dining services.

Many restaurants across the country have built or renovated their outdoor spaces in warm weather, expanded into closed streets, and built terraces in parking lots to increase capacity while complying with social distancing rules.

But how do you fight epidemics and nature at the same time?

Once the temperature dropped, dining venues began to install windshields on the terraces, add fire pits and heaters, and create plastic bubble-shaped structures for private outdoor dining.

Italian restaurant A16 In Oakland, California, a wooden frame was erected on which heated tents can be hung.New York City Bistro Sun cafe And Seattle Food Shop San Fermo Just two restaurants with private plastic domes outside.

But although these options provide some Shelter, they cannot withstand the cold in the coldest nights and coldest places. Alpine Ball There is a solution.

“Part is an observatory, part is a cable car, and part is a hidden meeting for making memories with friends and family.” Alpenglobe is a wood and plexiglass structure that provides the benefits of climate control, infrared heating and fresh air recirculation , And independent sound system and variable mood lighting. The Utah-based company said the domes can withstand high winds and snow without affecting the panorama. They can accommodate up to eight people.

Alpenglobes can currently be found in several cold weather locations, including: Cafe Galleria, a casual Italian restaurant on Midway Island, Utah; Butcher’s Chop House, a steakhouse in Park City, Utah; Classic French in Telluride, Colorado Restaurant La Marmotte; the mainstay of the French country quail In Sandy, Utah; top ski resort Montage Deer Valley; And Stein Eriksen Lodge, this is a luxurious Park City ski lodge and the only Forbes five-star hotel and spa in Utah.

“Before the pandemic, Alpenglobe was already in progress, and when the restaurant started closing, it was just a coincidence,” Russ Lowe, director of branding and marketing, told us. “But it embodies this idea on a global scale, and it may also become a solution to alternative dining options, which can provide some physical distance for people in the same family or close friend group, and in a sterilizable space, fresh air is recirculated. We heard from hundreds of people that they like the opportunity to get out of their homes, but still feel that by dining with those who are already in the “Covid bubble”, they are more responsible in doing this.”

The purpose is determined by the owner; Stein Eriksen Lodge has seats in the four Alpenglobes on the deck of the Mountain Lodge, which can accommodate up to 6 people and provides a panoramic view of Deer Valley from the wind and rain. The three Alpenglobe domes of La Caille have 2 to 6 seats.

“Alpenglobe does not operate the globes and does not have any say in how any of our customers choose to use them; we just refer people to the CDC website and encourage people to be responsible and comply with local laws and health and safety guidelines,” Lowe said . “One of our customers, Cafe Galleria, has 30 minutes of disinfection and ventilation time between each seat. This seems to be a great model, and it has worked well for them so far.”

Reservations and food minimums are also at the discretion of the individual owner, rather than any restriction with limited interest. In fact, if you want to pour snow. To experience this winter globally, you better hurry up. According to reports, Cafe Galleria had 1,500 bookings within 24 hours of launching in October, and interest in 2021 has not diminished. Both La Caille and Stein Eriksen Lodge reported that dinner was booked weeks in advance.

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