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Critics can’t stand “Tomorrow’s War” for obvious reasons-RedState

Earlier on Monday, I reviewed “The War of Tomorrow”, a summer action/sci-fi movie starring Chris Pratt and JK Simmons. Although it does not fully match the masterpiece of Independence Day, it is enough to run in its packaging.

(read: “Tomorrow’s War” is the movie we have been waiting for)

Although most of the comments I see from the audience are usually positive, professional critics cannot approach the “War of Tomorrow” without looking like they smelled the dog left on the carpet. At the time of writing, the “War of Tomorrow” rated Rotten Tomatoes professional critics at 53%.

By the way, the current audience rating is 82%, which usually means that this is a very reliable movie, but I digress.

Many critics follow the movie for various reasons. Many people commented on the film’s lack of originality, or claimed that it has a plain storyline, or even a plain character. Many people complain that Pratt’s character is far from his habit of being a stupid but cute idiot. I can’t help but wonder if we have all seen the same movie.

To be sure, “Tomorrow’s War” is not a perfect movie, but it is solid enough to exist on its own and officially become my favorite movie of 2021. In addition, Pratt traded his usual stupidity for a softer and more serious performance, allowing him to integrate well into the role of protecting his father. In fact, his somber portrayal of an Iraqi veteran turned into a biology teacher, knowing he can reach even higher heights, is refreshing. My only complaint is that he stays calm under pressure in unbelievable situations, but due to the motivation of his role, even so can be ignored.

As for the plot, there doesn’t seem to be any groundbreaking complaints, they are not necessarily wrong, but it is like giving rom-com a bad score because we have seen meet-cutes before.

In any case, the website is casting some very scary points on this movie. IGN Give it a 3/10, considering that it is usually willing to vote 7 points in the most mundane or scariest movies and TV shows, which makes no sense. Independent connection Give it a “C”, but give it a B+ for Pixar’s latest outing “Luca”. My wife and I find this movie boring and we want to know if it should be a short film of theirs rather than a feature film. Polygon No scores are given, but all aspects of the movie from plot to monster design are ruthlessly cruel.

The cruelty of this movie is meaningless, and many viewers seem to be confused by it. The movie is sometimes imperfect and overly exaggerated, but it’s not bad. As far as their hatred of it is concerned, it is enough to make people feel some potential prejudice, and in order to discover that we only need to turn to the sociopolitical realm.

If there is one thing we do know, it is that the left publicly hates Pratt.Pratt is a patriotic, Christians, white males, have no apologies for all this.Every celebrity who has worked with him Defend him publicly From online mobs, even those considered to be the far left. More importantly, putting Pratt’s name on the poster is enough to make many Americans appear to watch the movie. All this makes the left very angry. It’s one thing for a Hollywood actor to fail the accepted reasons for politics and bubbles, but someone who does this and is still successful is enough to drive people crazy.

Therefore, many activists, critics, and online movie viewers prefer to see Pratt fail. Any film he participated in must be condemned and destroyed, because he is worried that the producers will continue to choose him, his influence will not only threaten the entire industry, but also threaten the people. Normalizing Chris Pratt will normalize the traditional but dynamic worldview.

Although this is an important reason for the hatred of this movie, another reason is the message conveyed by this movie.

Regardless of the intent and purpose, the “War of Tomorrow” can be labeled “Dad Movie”. Masculinity plays an important role in this movie, and because this masculinity is used to protect and support the daughter, whether it is when she is a child or when she becomes a capable adult, it is Gives more weight. It even pushed the redemption arc of fathers who abandoned their families in the past, and even opened the door to sympathize with men who suffered emotional trauma in previous wars.

In one scene, Pratt’s character Dan Forester (Dan Forester) and his father James (JK Simmons) abandoned Dan to confront his mother when he was a child. James is clearly fighting his own guilt. He explained that the post-traumatic stress disorder he suffered during the Vietnam tour had a very negative impact on him, and if he stayed, Dan and his mother would be worse. This is a fundamental moment in the movie, and it drives Forester’s motivation throughout the movie, especially after he heard that he will do the same to his daughter in the future.

This movie not only asks you to look at masculinity in a more friendly light, but also shows you its value. The existence of a father makes a child’s life different. In today’s social and political atmosphere, masculinity can only be toxic. This is a villain with a beard, nothing good, but there is no other way but it.

In the end, the racial/gender/military aspects of the film seemed to anger critics, and the last two paragraphs of Polygon’s review summarized this:

Rather, the guiding goal Tomorrow’s WarIn this film, every female, black or POC role plays the role of Dan’s strong white guy. The purpose is to make us believe that this suburban veteran believes that he deserves more than just a stable job and a full It is absolutely correct to love the family. “I want to be the best, just like you,” Dan’s daughter told him. “Thank you again for your service,” a comrade in arms said. “You are the mission now,” the character as the last hope of mankind told Dan he The last hope of mankind.

We get it! This ordinary blue-collar American deserves the admiration of all of us!This method is so clumsy and clumsy that Tomorrow’s War Constantly tripping myself while delivering.At least Richardson likes lines like “I’m glad Will Smith didn’t live to see this.” When they entered Miami, which was destroyed in 2051, Simmons gritted his teeth and said, “I hope Stevinix can come out. Now she is wearing a birthday suit with a jar of kimchi and a bottle of baby oil.” They are welcome to bother, otherwise they will be very pretentious Tomorrow’s War.

There is no attempt to hide prejudice against white people, the middle class, and workers. The cynicism of the “suburban veterans” made all this disappear. They don’t appreciate this kind of role being a hero, especially if it means that women and/or minorities must play the second violin. This is the stubborn icing on the cake of prejudice that forces oneself to feed after waking up.

My advice? Ignore the critics and watch the “War of Tomorrow”. In an era when movies are too politicized or too boring, this is a breath of fresh air. More importantly, it will show production companies that if they want to attract viewers, they should probably stop trying to push messages and instead push actual entertainment without left-wing influence.

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