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Despite worrying about the “unlucky” numbers, Apple still insists on using the iPhone 13 name: report

A report said that the next Apple flagship product will be named “iPhone 13,” although some people worry that this is an “unlucky” number.

Apple refers to the upcoming 2021 iPhone models as “‌iPhone 13‌”. Economic Daily Reports, citing unnamed sources and “supply chain” inspections. According to the media report, the company will continue to name other variants in the product line “mini”, “Pro” and “Pro Max”.

According to reports, the new iPhone will be released in September. According to the report, the four new models Apple will launch are the 6.7-inch ‌iPhone 13‌ Pro Max, the 6.1-inch ‌iPhone 13‌ Pro and the 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch models of the iPhone 13‌.

According to reports, the unit will start shipping in the third quarter and is expected to decline in the fourth quarter.

The report was released after a recent survey Sales Unit Among the 3,000 iPhone and iPad users, one in five users is bored with the name of the iPhone 13‌. According to reports, this stems from triskaidekaphobia, a superstitious phobia of the number 13.

According to the survey results, when respondents were asked how they think the next iPhone should be named, most people said that these devices should not be called iPhone 13.

About 38% of respondents said that the upcoming Apple smartphone should be named “iPhone‌ (2021)”, while 26% said that the next model should be named iPhone 13. About 13% of people suggested calling these devices “‌iPhone‌ 12S”. “

The last time Apple used the “S” suffix on iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max was in 2018. They were released about a year after the launch of iPhone X. Mackrumos famous. However, the outlet pointed out that the “S” suffix is ​​usually reserved for devices that provide small updates on the annual iPhone version.

This is the case with the iPhone 6S, which was launched a year later than the iPhone 6, but has almost no improvement compared to the previous generation.

iPhone 13 is expected to undergo major updates and improvements, including a display with ProMotion 120Hz variable refresh rate and always-on functionality.other Rumored new features According to reports, it includes an additional periscope camera, an ultra-wide-angle lens for night mode photography, and lidar technology for all camera models. The internet.

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