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Biden and his Democrats really don’t like American farmers-Red State

Donald Trump Re-famous The phrase “America First”-and the concept of “America First”. What he meant was that his presidential policies were primarily aimed at benefiting the United States and Americans. They did it.

Most people in Washington, DC strongly disagree. All Democrats-and many Republicans. Because the swamp of the two parties has taken decades to become very wealthy by betraying our civilians. Through many policies that have been correctly described as “the last of America.”

Now, the Democrats run DC. Almost everything they did was “the last of America.”

All sectors of the American economy are now in the crosshairs of the Washington, DC government. Perhaps the most unstable may be the most targeted.

American farmers are already an endangered species. Decades of bad international trade agreements and skyrocketing domestic taxes and regulations have greatly reduced their numbers.

This is-among many terrible things-terrible national security policies. Because before we do anything else, we have to eat first. Relying on international sources for domestic food is not very bright. The more domestic food we produce, the safer our food sources and the country will be.

The Democrats don’t care. They attacked farmers with the government in a variety of destructive ways.

Namely: Texas A&M University recently released…

The Reasonable Tax and Equity Promotion Act and the 99.5% Acton AFPC represent the economic impact of farms and ranches

Can you guess what the economic impact on the farm is? Hint: They are not good.

Democrats want to eliminate “Strengthen the foundation”:

“The improvement on the basis is to readjust the value of appreciated assets for tax purposes at the time of inheritance. For tax purposes, consider the higher market value of assets at the time of inheritance.

“When an asset is transferred to a beneficiary, its value is usually higher than when the original owner acquired it. The base of the asset will gradually increase, thereby minimizing the beneficiary’s capital gains tax. The cost basis for the property transferred at death applies to Increase on the basis.”

It makes sense to adjust the basis gradually. There are no more people than farmers. Many of them work on farms that have been passed down from generation to generation in the family.

Over the past few decades, the government has inflated our money so much that the dollar value of farms has increased sharply-when in reality it is not that much. Then it is a crime to punish farmers by taxing the inflation-distorted property value purchased by their great-grandfather.

Farmers are often exaggerated as rich in wealth but scarce in cash. As a result, many of them will be forced to sell their farms—their livelihoods—to pay artificially inflated taxes on the value of their property. Because this is exactly what you want to do immediately after the death of your parents.

Oh: If you think this sounds like the second death tax at the back door-the inheritance tax? That’s just because it is.

Biden’s plan to impose a second death tax will harm the U.S. economy and family businesses

The Democratic Party’s excess death tax targets family businesses and farms

“By abolishing the base for raises, the Democratic Party will destroy at least one million jobs.”

To a large extent, we succeeded in making the initial death tax unpopular. So the Democratic Party is creating another one.

In order to cultivate, farmers need land. Therefore, the Democrats are recreating land that cannot be cultivated — or land where nothing else can be done.

The Biden-Harris administration plans to revise the definition of “American waters”:

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) issued a… press release announcing that they intend to redefine the’American waters’ under the Clean Water Act and get rid of the rules of the Trump era, which is narrowly defined. Land defines the “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS).

“These agencies stated that they intend to proceed in two steps-first abolish the Trump era rules, and then proceed with additional rulemaking to promulgate a new and broader definition of’American waters’.”

The Biden administration not only canceled Trump’s reversal of the Barack Obama administration’s absolutely terrible definition of WOTUS — they also made their definition worse than Obama’s.

When I say: Obama’s WOTUS regulations are very bad, please believe me. This is 2014…

The EPA is turning farm water into a weapon against farmers:

“Do you want to give farmers a knee? And make food too expensive? Turn farmers’ water into a weapon against them…

“‘(T) His rules…(will) allow the government to decide what farmers can and cannot do with their farmland, which usually includes creeks, ponds and swamps.’

“How much more rationality and rationality is this large-scale seizure of power from the new EPA?

“‘(Small Business Administration) SBA to EPA: Abandon the waters of the US proposal

“‘On October 1, 2014, an unexpected ally from within the government submitted a comment to the EPA, claiming that the EPA and the Legion “incorrectly demonstrated the proposed rule [WOTUS] According to the Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA), because it (WOTUS) will have a significant impact on small businesses. “…

“‘Similarly, the EPA seems to be trying to mislead citizens and farmers.’

“When Leviathan’s other arm thinks you have gone too far-how far are you from this road?”

The Obama EPA’s WOTUS regulations were so onerous and annoying that the Obama SBA implemented a regulatory rebellion and publicly declared fouls.

Biden will surpass Obama’s extremely bad WOTUS regulations.

Because Biden and his Democrats really don’t like American farmers.

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