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Emma Raducanu (Emma Raducanu): British teenager withdrew from Wimbledon’s last 16 games due to “breathing difficulties”


mma raducanu already WimbledonBreathing fresh air, but her Grand Slam debut ended in a worrying situation, she had difficulty breathing early in the second set against Ajera Tomglianović.

Regardless of her age and lack of experience, the 18-year-old girl easily became the last Englishman to participate in the draw, facing the Australian in the first set.

But she seemed to have started hyperventilating early in the second set and received an off-field medical timeout when she fell behind 6-4 3-0, but she failed to return.

It’s not yet clear how serious the problem is, but Tomglianović, who was apparently shocked, said: “I’m really shocked. If Emma decides to retire, she must be very, very injured. I’m really sorry for her. I hope. We can finish it. I really wish her all the best.”

The official reason for Raducanu’s withdrawal was “dyspnea”, but it is not clear what caused these problems.

For a player who was very happy in the first three games, this is such an inappropriate ending, ignoring her world ranking of 338 and she just finished math and economics A two months before the start of the game. There is a relative lack of tennis at the level.

This is her influence, so that Stadium One easily reached 75% of its capacity, and many spectators braved the rain to watch at Henman Mountain.

A potential name change-Raducanu Rise, maybe-will have to wait another year, but the support shows the impact of her tennis on Wimbledon fans.

Raducanu has participated in every Wimbledon match so far from the beginning. He is aggressive and forefoot, and likes Andy Murray, he has raised a fanatical support from the audience.

And her heavy bottom-line game put Tomglianović under pressure, resulting in her unconverted break points in consecutive serve games.

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