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Enacfire A9 noise reduction earplugs review

Who are the Enacfire A9 noise-reducing earplugs suitable for?

  • This Enacfire A9 earplugs Ideal for people who want to get a decent pair of earplugs at a relatively low price
  • Enacfire A9 earbuds have a long battery life between charges
  • A9 earplugs are waterproof, making them ideal for wearing during exercise

Guys, this is the time for wireless earbuds from the International Business Times.In this version, we are checking Enacfire A9 noise reduction earplugs, A fairly budget option, surpassing its heavyweight in terms of audio quality and battery life.We believe in the International Business Times that the Enacfire G10 earbuds we reviewed before are worthy of us Big deal award, So can A9s keep up?

Perfect sound quality with delay

This Enacfire A9 earplugs sounds good. This is almost the only word used here. The quality of the earplugs will certainly not impress any discerning ear, but they are also good in any sense. The sound quality of the A9 earbuds is very good.

A9 earplugs are good, but nothing more

One disadvantage of A9s But they don’t have a low-latency mode. This means that when viewing content on a computer or mobile phone, there will be a significant delay between video and audio. If A9 is only used for music or podcasts, this is not a problem, but if you try to watch movies or TV shows, it may be annoying.

Poor microphone quality

Just like almost all other wireless earbud options, Enacfire A9 earplugs There is a built-in microphone that can make calls and communicate with digital assistants such as Siri or Alexa. Although the microphone was pretty good at first, it quickly became unpleasant.

Surprisingly, the A9 earplugs actually stayed in my ears

In about half an hour of conversation, A9 earplugs Reduce the quality of my phone many times. Usually this causes me to hear pixelated and distorted voices of the person I am talking to, they hear my voice pixelated and distorted, or both. The person I spoke to also said that she often heard her own echo when talking to me, and she did not mention this in many other conversations I had with her using other wireless earbuds.

Non-active noise reduction

If you have read any of my previous reviews on noise-canceling earplugs, you will definitely complain that they do not work. Indeed, noise-canceling earplugs cannot have a meaningful impact on the ambient noise I hear when I wear them.

The case is surprisingly small

This position applies to Enacfire A9 earplugsThese will definitely not reduce the sound I hear from the outside world when I wear them. The difference here is that when the noise reduction function on the A9s is activated, I can actually hear a slight change in pitch. It won’t make things quieter or block sound, but there is at least one noticeable change. Usually I can’t hear the difference between turning on or off the noise reduction function with earplugs, so I think this is the problem.

Small and strange case

I like it and I don’t like it very much Kaihuo A9 Charging box. On the bright side, it is very small and compact. This is perfect for putting the box in your pocket or throwing it into the bag without any hassle. This case also has a surprisingly huge cost, especially considering its size.

It’s really annoying to get A9s back in their box

However, it has some disadvantages A9 case. The most annoying is how the earplugs fit into the shell. Most wireless earbud boxes have a set of fairly sturdy magnets that can help the earbuds almost jump out of your hand into the slot. The shape of the A9 case is strange, which makes it a bit difficult to put the earplugs in their place. When the earbuds are charging, the case will also flash a bright LED light, which means that the case will start to light up whenever the earbuds are put away.

Long battery life

Although this case may be annoying, it has an amazingly large battery.This Enacfire A9 earplugs When the earbuds and the protective case are fully charged, they can last for up to 32 hours. Of course, this involves intermittently charging the earbuds, but this is still one of the longer usage times I have encountered.

The charging case charges fairly quickly, and can usually reach its maximum capacity in about two and a half hours.This A9 The earbuds themselves seem to charge very quickly in their case, and regularly rise back to 100% in about half an hour or less.

Final thoughts

This Enacfire A9 earplugs Perfect for them, this is a pair of cheap wireless Bluetooth earbuds. They fit comfortably to my ears, which is a surprisingly rare feature and have good audio quality. The battery life of the A9 earbuds is very long. I like the small size of the earbuds and charging case. The quality of their microphones does have its shortcomings, but it’s hard to expect perfection at around $67.

In other words, if you buy a pair of cheap earplugs in the market, can we suggest a cheaper one? Enacfire G10 earplugs? G10 earbuds have no noise reduction function, but the battery life is long, only about 40 US dollars.

This Enacfire A9 earplugs Now available at Launch website Free shipping to the U.S. and U.K. should return to Amazon soon.

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