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England vs. Ukraine: Yarmolenko, Zinchenko, Yaremchuk are the biggest threats to the Three Lions in the quarter-finals of the European Cup in 2021


England may be the favorite team in the quarter-finals of the European Cup in 2020, but Ukraine has players that can hurt them.

Andrei Shevchenko’s team showed that in their last 16 games against Sweden in Hampden Park, they won 2-1 in the final minutes of overtime.

Ukraine sometimes has good luck-especially when Emil Forsberg hit the woodwork twice-but they did enough to ensure victory.

Now, when the two sides meet in the quarter-finals, they will hope to win a famous victory against England.

Simon Collins highlighted the three men who must be watched closely in Rome on Saturday night.

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Ukrainian captain and amulet.

Yarmolenko’s performance in West Ham has been indifferent, but for his country, he always seems to make a difference.

All the best offensive players in Ukraine come from him, and he is a constant threat.

In the 16-2 victory over Sweden on Tuesday, the forward passed a beautiful pass to Zinchenko from the outside of his left boot.

Able to play on the wing or in the center, Yarmolenko will become Ukraine’s biggest threat on Saturday night and the player that the England team needs the most attention.

If England gave him space, he might hurt them.

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The Swiss Army Knife for players in multiple positions.

In the game against Sweden, he played as a left-wing defender, but he was comfortable in midfield or a forward winger or the No. 10 position.

This makes Zinchenko a valuable asset for Ukraine because he can adapt to any system they play. As we all know, manager Andrei Shevchenko sometimes switches between a four-back and a three-back.

Zinchenko may be Ukraine’s most skilled player, and considering that he plays for Manchester City, it is not surprising that he needs to be followed no matter where he plays on Saturday.

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