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Welcome to the Italian podcast.
My name is Davide. In this episode, we will discuss English, which is an English word that is increasingly used in Italian.
I think this topic is very interesting, because the number of English-derived words we use in Italian is countless, and the trend seems to be increasing.​​ Or, as some people say, trend It seems to be on the rise.In fact, Italian is definitely a more language welcome (Welcome, invite) For Anglo-Saxon words are more important than other European languages, especially French.
The French, in fact, use words desperately Derived English language (Borrowed from) They will not become part of the current language, but will be translated in French as much as possible. This is not always possible, but it is not even attempted in Italian. This is why more and more English has become part of Italian over the years.Some English languages ​​enter Italian in large quantities constant (constant) In the form (And in meaning) And can be:
-Noun: like rest (Italian pronunciation / oppure trend)
-Adjective: like single (Used for “I have no boyfriend or girlfriend, I have no partner, I am single) Or low cost (Cheap flights)
-Verb, the same conjugation as the first conjugation, and then take the suffix -are as the infinitive (Stalker, Twitter, mark —— They are really many)

Sometimes English compound words in Italian miss the second part, which is the second word of the compound word. For example, “beauty case” in Italian becomes “beautiful“Or” slot machine “only left”Coin slot“.
In other cases, English and Italian words are combined, so we have new words like “Cyberbullying“or”Prostitute“.
On the contrary, in some cases, English has acquired different grammatical functions from the original English words.
So the word “fashion“(In Italian pronunciation) It is often used as an adjective (* but not always). (Example: “Your bag is fashionable” instead of “fashionable”). Similarly”charm“Has become an adjective. (“Milan’s most charming store, not Glamorous, Like you say in English)
Finally, sometimes these words change their meaning. “Fare shopping“In Italian, it only refers to the purchase of products in the field of fashion and cosmetics, and there is no mention of shopping when going to buy bread, because it belongs to “Responsible for shopping“.
Another weird example is “box”, which is especially used for combination in Italian “Box automatically“As a synonym for “garage”, there is absolutely no such meaning in English.

Some fields are naturally prolific, usually the most modern fields, such as information technology, technology, business, world fashion (fashion).
Here I have some examples, there are many, but I will only give you a few:
-In terms of information technology: “computer“,”webcam“,”scanner“,”touch screen“,”modem“,”password“—— These words have no corresponding words in Italian.
-In the economy Starting a business (Entrepreneurship) We can say”business“,”Marketing“,”spread“,”Deregulation“,”import and export“,”manager“—— Some of them have equivalents (Italian), but they are often called English.
-Finally in fashion and cosmetics, we can have words like this: “optimal“,”pullover“,”jeans“,”suit“,”blush“,”Eyeliner“,”expand (Just like hair)
So, as we have seen, there is a lot of Britishism.As we said, Italy has a attitude (attitude) More xenophobes (Foreign, “Love foreign things”, In our case, foreign words) foreign languages, especially English, this may also be because there is no Regulatory Authority (Regulatory Authority) Just like in FranceFrench Academy And in Spain with Royal Spanish Academy. It exists in Italy De La Cruzca College, But it’s an organization Be proposed More important than anything of (Aim at) To express opinions on language issues or propose solutions to the use of the language, but it has no real adjustment function, nor does it translate new words from English into Italian.

Italian not We limit ourselves (We don’t stop) The so-called necessary loans, or loans introduced in the language, because there is no effective alternative or there is indeed no alternative in Italian (I think for example “Brunch“Oh”spoiler“), but we also use a lot of luxury loans. We use these words because we like their slightly “exotic” English pronunciation, for example:background“(Training, previous experience),”trend“(trend),”leadership“(Guide, leader, commander),”Forged“(Fake, scam),”step“(Step),”gap“(gap),”custom made“(custom made),”custom“(meeting),”business“(Trade, business or company, company),”Standing“(Narrator),”competitor“(competitor),”partnership“(Agreement, cooperation),”copyright“(trademark),”which performed“(” which performed”).
Sometimes these are more dominant than their Italian counterparts, and sometimes it is an uphill struggle. But as you can see, these English words are really many. It can be said that these English words are very popular in our language, although as we have seen, there are sometimes effective alternatives and they are not absolutely necessary. Use English words.
People have attitude (Meaning here Position) Is different from this language phenomenon: some people are absolutely opposed to what they define Confiscate (decline) Glorious italic language, and some people may belong to departments such as information technology, or more advantageous.. business, and do use these terms every day no problem (Don’t mind, no problem) In doing so, they may not even try to find equivalents in their own language.Personally, I don’t want to be pedantic and judge who uses English terms, but personally, when I think it’s unnecessary to use English words, I try to use Italian terms because it doesn’t Effective (Real, current) Effectiveness, the Italian term exists, so it does not make sense to replace it with an English word.
For example, in my opinion, even in political areas that should be absolutely transparent, such as the so-called “Employment Law“Or so-called”Expense review It can be named without any problem in Italian (“Labor Reform” or “Expenditure Review” e). Not everyone understands English, especially in Italy, and not everyone understands what we are talking about every day, using these terms, these weird formulas.
In other words, it is normal for languages ​​to influence each other each other (each other), Just like English that has been completely changed under the influence of French, maybe we will not treat these words input from English as foreign words in Italian in a hundred years, just like no English would think of “use” as a Non-English words, but originated in French.

Finally, I leave you with a dialogue in which we will use many English languages, all of which are actually used in the language.Ok.. Maybe it would be a bit too much to use them together, but sometimes it happens, especially in the conversation between businessman And IT. This is an interesting phenomenon, and to some extent, it is also interesting sometimes.

-I went to one today custom on custom made In context fashion.. They talked about the last trend of charm International.
——Oh, interesting.
– of course.mine background It is actually MarketingBut I like it.There are many Speak Interesting, at the entrance Standing God competitor major business. It lasts until weekend, But if you are interested, I will give you Flyer.
-I want to go there, but tomorrow I have one meeting And mine manager.
-But where are you working now?you have not start up?
-Unfortunately, that experience did not work, but a company hired me advisory. Sai Hao skill In terms of Web development electronic it, So finding a job is not difficult.
– okay. I do not know.Listen, but do you want to take a break, let’s make one Coffee time (leisure time?
-Okay, but I’m a bit anxious, the technician comes to my house to change decoder of Pay TVWhen i do electric shock It does not work well. (Zapping is one of the words we think of as English, but in fact it is an Italian word, so it is only used in Italian, meaning “quickly switch from one TV channel to another)
-Do you still live in the city center?
-No, I moved, and now I have an attic nearby. If you want, we can have coffee at my house.
– with pleasure!But first let’s make a beautiful Selfie, I use the hashtag #businessmen and you on Twitter label.
– Ok, optimal!

This dialogue is obviously a bit ridiculous, but I think it can give you an idea of ​​how much English is in Italian.This topic is really interesting, it is impossible Use it up (Talk about it in detail) In a few minutes, because in every department, we can talk about words originating from English.I still hope I make you a Overview (Overview) Theme and you like this episode. Thanks for watching, and if you listen to the audio version of the episode, thank you for listening. I remind you that on podcastitaliano.com, you will find the complete transcript of the episode, which contains translations of the most complex words or phrases. Thank you again, and see you in the next episode.

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