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Unseen Experience-Intermediate #9-Italian Podcast

Welcome to the Italian Podcast! My name is David, and today I want to talk to you about a recent interesting experience of mine. But before we start, let me remind you that on you will find the complete record of this episode. Okay, let’s get started.
A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I went to Genoa. Since the day was cloudy, we decided to see what we can do on TripAdvisor to pass the time. First of all, we found some interesting things that we would never find without the help of TripAdvisor.Called “Dialogue in the Dark” (Dialogue in the dark). In order to describe what it is, I will give you their description of themselves, which is “Multisensory Journey (Involving five senses, Multi-sensory) in the darkness drama (simulation) Situation and environment Daily life (Daily life) In the absence of vision and light, it must be rediscovered with other senses: smell (smell), Touch (Touch) hearing (hearing) electronic like (taste)“. While reading this description We are curious (We are curious) We decided to give it a try. On the other hand, if it has so many good reviews, there must be a reason.I have to say that we were not disappointed: it was also an interesting experience revealed (Eye-opener, The puns are not intentional), in a sense. In fact, this is exactly the purpose of “Dialogue in the Dark”, to let people understand what the life of the blind is, what the challenges they face every day, and what strategies they can use to formulate it. For the people they see us.
The venue for “Dialogo nel Buio” is one of them Floating barge (Floating barge) It is located at the westernmost point of Porto Antico in Genoa, where there are pier (shipyard).

At the entrance, we had to leave all our things, phones, wallets, and even glasses. Anyway, if you can’t see anything, glasses are not very useful. After a few minutes of waiting, we started this adventure in the dark: We rarely (A few of us), My girlfriend and I, two Italians, a Brazilian girl and our blind guide.Behind a semi-dark area Let your eyes get used to the darkness (Allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness), We have entered the true total darkness. Dark without light (Black), As we say in Italian, that is, you can’t see anything at all. It was dark all around.The experience includes walking, trying to touch wall (wall), The ground, the objects around us, understand what matter is made of, and use hearing to understand the location of other companions and guides, and also (but also) Listen to the voice of the city. These environments actually reproduce some real areas of Genoa, even a bus. The bus we ride on vibrates and makes the sound of a real bus.Try to find one seat (seat) Without seeing anything, I assure you that it will not be easy.
Finally our guide Took over this role (Playing) The bartender, we all ordered some drinks or something to eat, using the coins we were told to put in our pockets. It is really difficult to figure out which coins we hold (not to mention banknotes) without the use of vision.
What can I say, “Dialogue in the Dark” I like it and deserves all positive reviews. This is an experience that allows you to truly understand how difficult the life of a person who cannot see us is.If you are in genoa I highly recommend you (I highly recommend) where to.But if you are at home, one simple thing you can do is try to move from room to room Eyes closed (Close your eyes), Use your touch and your memory to position yourself.You might feel Impotence (Helpless) with Powerless (Clumsy, incompetent). I won’t tell you how I feel Awkward (clumsy) And absolutely Unable to (Cannot) Do anything in the complete darkness of “Dialogue in the Dark”. Fortunately, our guide helped us by holding our hand and telling us what to do. I am very happy to be able to see the light again at the exit of the trail!
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Also on the website, you will find transcripts of everything I said.
That’s it, thanks for listening, see you next time!

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