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Environmentalism is now live

Rivercide, the world’s first live investigative news program, inspired a youth group of children to make their own video diaries to record their research on the pollution of the Wye River.

The show was hosted by environmental activist George Monbiot and award-winning director Franny Abrahams, and was broadcast independently shortly after the Redbrook Youth Group’s inquiry Ecologist Publish your own report.

The 12-year-old director and editor Emily hopes to hear the voice of her generation on this issue and hopes to make a difference.


She already uses the CapCut video editing app on her phone quite fluently and promises to lead the whole process.

According to the voice-over text, she researched and found suitable graphics. From the video, it can be seen that a large number of young people are very keen to participate: showing in the water, recording voice-overs, music and artwork.

Jessica concludes the video saying: “We need to protect the safety of the river for all plants, animals and us.”

Redbrook is located in Gloucestershire, on the Wye River, just below Monmouth. The youth group only started in May and operated under the wing of Redbrook Church.

During the lockdown, many young people participated in the tie-dye Christmas movie, which was BBC National Breakfast News. This sparked interest in making more videos.


Redbrook Church has an environmental commitment and is registered as Ecological church.

Mark BickThe leader of the outh club and the local pastor of Redbrook Church said: “I have always hoped that youth groups can have an interest and commitment to environmental action, and know this to share with other leaders.

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