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Keep it green, protect the earth, save lives

“Keep Britain tidy”, “Every trip will make a clicking sound,” “Protect and survive”. No matter how old we are, we can look back on the past, sometimes like it, and sometimes doubt, in one or another public education event.

In the last war, we were praised for “digging for victory”, “make do with repairs”, and “keep calm and move on.” In the 1980s it was “AIDS: Don’t die of ignorance”, and in the 1920s, the anti-flu campaign was “catch it, destroy it, kill it”.

Recently, the call to “stay at home, protect the NHS, and save lives” has become deeply rooted in the national psychology. Love them or hate them. Such crusades have existed for more than a century, and have become the government’s preferred means of seeking to inform and educate the public about specific risks or safety issues.


Even stranger is that since our country emerged, there has been no response to the greatest threat facing the British public.

Of course, I’m talking about global warming and the related collapse of our once stable climate.

While carbon emissions continue to rise relentlessly, temperatures follow; as countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, are hit by more and more extreme weather, the current government has not given any advice on what measures the public can take to help Dissatisfied with this threat.

Even though they are preparing to host the COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow at the end of October-arguably the most important meeting in human history-Boris and his company seem to have little interest in interacting with the public in any serious way in order to face the possibility. Promote behavior change when it proves to be a danger.

As the recent IPCC report clearly stated shockingly, the world now has virtually no chance to avoid the beginning of a dangerous and pervasive climate collapse.

Even achieving net zero carbon by 2050 will not help.


We must all face the fact that the world of those who follow us will become harsh. This does not mean that it is too late to act. Far away.

We can still prevent bad things from getting worse. As individuals, we can do many things, but we need the help and guidance of the center and the government. Incredibly, none of them are coming.

Even if this change occurs, the government’s vacillation during the Covid crisis will not convince people that the climate education campaign led by Boris will achieve better results.


The first rule of any such activity is that it must participate, but participation alone is not enough. Poor consideration, election campaigns can participate but make things worse.

Psychological research shows that the factors that determine the success of public education activities are complex and multifaceted, but one thing that is unanimously agreed is that there is no mileage to scare God away, so-like a rabbit in trouble, the headlight of a car ——They do nothing.

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