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The Biden administration announces the end of its legislative agenda – RedState

In fact, the Biden administration is sending a signal to all interested parties that it is no longer interested in trying to pass Congressional legislation. Instead, it will only fight through the use of administrative actions that will almost certainly be challenged and failed in court.

They cannot even get the most basic part of the agenda through Congress. Biden himself is so caught up in the eyes of polls and peers that he has no political influence at all. His policies are being blocked by Joe Manchin, a member of his party, who cares more about his voters and his chances for re-election than pushing the party’s agenda.

By the way, this is a clear sign that the Democrats, not the Republicans, are falling apart. When your party is in power, even if your voters don’t like it, you still have some leeway to push the partisan agenda. However, if you cannot get any item on the legislative agenda through Congress because of your party membership, then you are in big trouble.

Therefore, Biden will instead file a lawsuit against Texas, which has as little status as the lawsuit just dismissed by the Supreme Court. They will issue unconstitutional orders to public and private employees. They will require schools to follow unscientific guidelines. It’s all because his number is in the toilet, they really have no other idea.

Under normal circumstances, it is too early to even think that your government’s legislative agenda has been effectively completed. Especially when you can still control two government departments. But this government is too incompetent. They cannot get any part of the party platform to cross the finish line.

This is part of the reason why Joe Biden will not give a live public speech on Saturday. His numbers are in the tank, and his public appearance will only make the situation worse. Because he can’t accomplish anything at this time, and his handling of COVID and Afghanistan is so bad, his handlers will not risk letting him appear publicly on the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attack. He is prone to gaffes and insanity. They were afraid of what he might say.

So, his term is almost over now. In less than a year, they effectively called for withdrawal. Of course, they may fight some battles in the courts so that they can yell at the corrupt and radical judicial system and tease the possibility that the courts are crowded, but they really don’t have much spare power.

Biden will return to the state of being invisible as a candidate.

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