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Everything you need to know about Seiko Watch Company

Maybe you’ve heard in recent years that a watch is a good investment, and while that’s true, enthusiasts will always tell you that the passion and story behind the watch are more important. Seiko Perhaps one of those products that is driven almost entirely by passion, but interestingly enough, even when considered, it has unparalleled quality and value for money Seiko vs Grand Seiko comparison.

Let’s take a closer look at what Seiko is and the path they took to get where they are today.

The history of Seiko

this Seiko Group Corporation Its origins can be traced back to 1881, founded by Kintaro Hattori in Tokyo. Hattori initially opened a shop called “K. Hattori” and worked in a watch shop since he was 13 years old. At the time, most of the equipment needed to produce watches had to be imported, and because Hattori had close ties with companies such as F. Perregaux & Co., his shop became increasingly popular due to the availability of rare technology.


The brand released its first homemade pocket watch in 1895. At that time, the company was already making watches entirely by hand. It also produced the first Japanese-made watch, the Laurel, in 1913. The first “Seiko brand” watch was produced in 1924.


The most important thing is Seiko’s influence in the 1970s. Prior to the 1970s, most watches produced were mechanical, meaning they were powered either by the kinetic energy of the wearer wearing the watch, or by winding the crown when considering a hand-wound movement. The Swiss market is at the forefront of mechanical movements and the entire watch market. Then, quite literally, Seiko shook up the watch world. Not to mention that in 1969, Seiko launched the Astron, the world’s first commercial quartz watch. It changed the world because quartz movements cost a penny to produce (compared to mechanical movements), they were more accurate (seconds per month instead of seconds per day), and they were easily accessible to most people Quartz watches.

High quality line

Grand Seiko Watchmaking Studio
Watchmakers assemble the mechanical movement of a Grand Seiko watch made by Seiko Watch Corp. – Photo credit: Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg

Another thing to consider is Seiko no only Seiko. The brand also has a high-end line, aptly named Grand Seiko. Grand Seiko debuted in 1998, combining the most explorative finishing methods with the most technically innovative movements. Both are still going strong to this day, with the Grand Seiko on par with some high-end watches. luxury timepieces Produced in Europe.

Important Seiko models in history

If you want to learn more about the importance of Seiko and the essence of the company, you should consider the most influential model the brand has ever produced. In fact, there is too much to say, but these are the five most important models since the company was born.

Seiko Lord Marvel 5740-8000

Some watches are known for what they look like (like the Rolex Rainbow Daytona), while others are known for what’s on the inside. The Lord Marvel 5740-8000 is undoubtedly the latter, as it is the first Seiko to feature the Hi-Beat movement that has become a mainstay of both “regular” and Grand Seiko models.

Seiko Lord Marvel 5740-8000
King of Surprise 5740-8000

The movement vibrates at a frequency of 36,000vph, an impressive feat. Higher beats mean greater precision and a smoother second hand, which is what Grand Seiko is famous for. Somehow, the Lord Marvel remains affordable, and you can probably pick one up for around $1,000, which is a pretty good price for a timepiece with a lot of history.

Seiko SKX007

Seiko is perhaps best known for its dive watches, especially its powerful yet affordable dive watches.This philosophy is perhaps best understood by the humble SKX007, initial Released 1965 As the first mechanical Seiko diving watch, 6217-8000/8001. Over time, they continued to innovate their model ranges, introducing new case designs and technical features, eventually launching the SKX007 in 1996, known as the 7S26 series.

Seiko SKX007
Model SKX007

The SKX007 is an ISO certified diving watch, which means it is a professional diving watch. However, unlike the solid dive watches we often come across, the SKX’s dimensions are discreet at 42.5mm in diameter, a large part of which is the rotating dive bezel. Additionally, the SKX comes with various bezel color combinations and the all-important anniversary bracelet. What’s more, there is more online SKX modification support than almost any other watch on the planet.All in all, this is simply main Seiko. Affordable, cute and functional.

speed timer

There’s no doubt that chronographs hold a special place in the hearts of many, especially those with a sporty feel. The Seiko 6139 chronograph is probably one of the most famous Seiko chronographs, originally released in the 1970s.

speed timer
speed timer

The 6139 was available in a variety of dials, but aside from its stunning looks, the 6139 was Seiko’s first foray into the world of mechanical timekeeping, ensuring its future popularity. This watch is certainly not the most desirable Seiko watch on the market, and there are even more desirable contemporary versions out there, but when you talk to Seiko enthusiasts, they are sure to mention how influential this watch is .

Seiko 2023

Today, Seiko has gone far beyond providing enthusiasts and collectors with some of the most interesting pieces imaginable. With that said, if you have the money, here are two of the best Seiko watches you should consider buying in 2023:

Presage sharp series

Let’s highlight some of Seiko’s stuff no It is a sporty model, but also an elegant third-hand model. The Presage Sharp Edged collection is perhaps one of the most sophisticated watches in its price range.

Presage sharp series
Presage sharp series

Focusing on dial finishing and case polishing, the collection offers a large number of eye-catching models, such as the SPB227J1, a beautiful gradient red dial that not only has a great visual effect, but also has a reliable mechanical movement inside.You can also choose to go to the next level and get King of Seiko, A branch of the company that may not be as luxurious or expensive as Grand Seiko, but still exhibits a high level of finish and attention to detail

5 sports series

We couldn’t write this article without mentioning this series of watches.You have a daily wear diver, come on in literally More configurations than you can imagine. Built-in mechanical movement, reasonable price, and abundant special editions make you feel special.Perhaps the only drawback is that you may not be able to collect all These…

5 sports series
5 sports series

The range has also recently been expanded with the GMT range, which has really cemented itself as the most cost-effective GMT you can get. You can also choose a live version that embodies simplicity combined with understated pragmatism – giving you exactly what you need with zero frills.

last words

Overall, you can’t go wrong with Seiko.It has cemented itself as perhaps the best entry point into the world of watches and even has a few High-end timepieces Under the Grand and King Seiko names, your luxury needs can also be met. That said, the watch company is best known for its divers and tool watches, represented by influential models like the SKX and 5 Sports series. Spend 5 minutes on the Seiko website and you’re bound to find something that will put a smile on your face without leaving a big dent in your wallet.

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