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Experts say Prince William’s interview with Prince Harry’s Oprah is still “painful and injured”

A royal expert said that the friendly reunion of Prince William and Prince Harry during their last joint engagement was a positive sign that their rift will eventually end, but reconciliation will take time.

When the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex reunited at the unveiling ceremony of Princess Diana’s statue at Kensington Palace in London on Thursday, they showed no signs of tension.

Sharing her thoughts on the reunion of siblings, Royal expert Katie Nicoll, author of “Harry: Life, Loss and Love”, pointed out in a video Entertainment tonight Prince William and Prince Harry looked very comfortable in each other’s company.

Nicole stated that they might hope that this event is all about their mother, rather than the 18-month rift that casts a shadow on the royal family.

“They obviously put in a lot of effort to get rid of the rift between the two and projected onto their mother’s legacy. Most importantly, they united in memory of Diana, their mother, on her 60th birthday.” Nicole said.

However, the royal writer said that she felt that despite their friendly reunion, the brothers needed time to fully repair their relationship because Prince William may not have forgiven Prince Harry for what he said to their family in the interview.

“I think the end result is that it will heal, but it will take some time. Harry and Meghan said a lot in interviews, especially those accusations of racism. The Duke of Cambridge is still very painful and injured. It was posted against The royal label,” she continued.

During an interview with Oprah Winfrey by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in March, Markle claimed that a member of the company allegedly expressed concern about how dark their son Archie’s skin was at the time of birth. . Prince Harry and Markle chose not to disclose the names of the royal family members and explained that it was “harmful” to them.

After sitting down and airing, Prince William said in response to the Sussex couple’s statement about the royal engagement that the royal family was “very non-racist”.

Although she believes that the rift between the royal brothers and sisters will take time to end, Nicole said she believes they will eventually reconcile, because they both know how their broken relationship will affect the monarchy.

“Obviously, this will far exceed their grandfather’s funeral and the unveiling of the statue. I think their relationship is close to the level it used to be, and ambitiously hope that this level will be reached. But I think they all recognize that the division of the royal family The split of important members may eventually damage the monarchy,” she continued.

Prince Harry Fly back to Los Angeles immediately The day after the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue.His visit to the UK is Expected to be brief Because he and Markle only welcomed their second child, Baby Lily, last month.

The relationship between Prince William and Prince Harry-once close-has deteriorated
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