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Father’s Day gift ideas for all types of dads

Above: Rio tries to come up with the perfect Father’s Day gift idea.

Father’s Day is coming on June 20th, which means it’s time to buy something for the image of a father in your life or the father of your child. I always find it easier for me to buy women because I have inside information about what girls want, but when it comes to men, I tend to be overwhelmed by the choice of gifts. I started hoping to have a one-stop shop for all kinds of people. When I walked on Fifth Avenue, some magical places made men feel how I felt. Then I realized…Yes. It’s called Dick’s sporting goods!

Dick’s is the ideal place to choose gifts for dad this season, whether he is a golf enthusiast, outdoor explorer, barbecue enthusiast, or a simple sports fan. A few days ago, I had to participate in a small Zoom demo with the people from Dick’s Sport Goods. They gave me a lot of gift ideas for my husband (ahem, of course the kids). Now it will be more difficult for me to narrow down our gift choices, and before I try to consider the choices. This is a better battle. Needless to say, here are some Father’s Day gift ideas for all types of dads!

Golf Dad

He wandered around in a polo shirt, using words like “bogie” and “eagle”, and may just be a member of the local country club.Surprise the golf lovers in your life with some golf apparel or shoe, A set of shiny club, New Golf package, golf, Or some Accessories This will help him take the game to a new level. Maybe he will even shoot before he is 80 years old.

Outdoor dad

He has a compass, a fishing tackle box, various sizes of paddles, etc., and knows what to do if he sees a bear in the woods.If dad’s middle name is adventure, he might like something interesting on weekends, such as Kayak, boat, paddle board Or maybe some equipment Cycling And cycling.If he enters Hiking You can’t go wrong with tents, sleeping bags or other camping equipment.If he likes it better fishing, A new fishing tackle box, some clothing or boots may be tickets!

Hipster dad

He knows what Yeezys is and may even make videos on TikTok.If your dad likes current trends, you can always surprise him Button ups, Fashionable shoes, Blu-ray glasses Or a pair of classics Repens.

Fitness dad

He makes protein shakes and threatens your boyfriend with the amount he can bench press.If he likes to lift weights and keep in shape, Dick’s has many options Home fitness equipment and also Men’s Health Products. He may also like the current hot item, a massager For muscle soreness.

Social dad

He likes cold drinks, pool parties, tailgates, and is not afraid to disappoint you in a badminton game.If dad likes to enjoy summer fun in the sun, he might like Waterproof speaker Or some new Swimming pants. If the host is his jam, then some spring Backyard games, A Grill, smoker or cookware, Or relax hammock.

Sports fan dad

He is often found wearing a jersey, and Sunday’s mood depends on the fate of the team.If you are shopping for a sports fanatic, some Licensed equipment Would be a good idea. Dick’s has a variety of jerseys, clothing and accessories to choose from, which will help him support his favorite team to score while you and Dad score together.

I hope this small round of ideas can help you find the ideal gift for your father, whether you are shopping for your father or the father of your children. If you still feel overwhelmed, you can always buy him a Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift card Let him be in power. happy shopping!

This blog post is sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods, but all opinions are 100% my own.


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