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Use Saba personal care products for beauty

The beauty and personal care business is booming and is one of the fastest consumer markets driven by the body care sector. ICPG is an innovative consumer product brand from Singapore. In India, they operate “innovative consumer products” and Saba Personal Care is their beauty label, inspiring sophistication through its various consumer products, including body sprays and skin care products. ICPG’s innovative products are novel because their expert team is a market leader. They have demonstrated their talents in the fast moving consumer goods field time and time again, successfully launching more than 100 products in categories such as personal care.

Sabah deodorant

Recently, I came into contact with various perfumes and moisturizing facial cleansers from Saba. Every body spray is halal and alcohol-free. On the other hand, washing your face helps to establish a decent facial cleansing ritual. Although washing your face refreshes your face, a non-alcoholic body spray ensures that you always maintain a good smell. Let us take a closer look at all products.

Saba Daily Moisturizing Cleanser

The daily moisturizing facial cleanser of Saba personal care products is a soap-free formula enriched with the essence of almonds, turmeric and vitamin C-these ingredients are the most effective ingredients to make your skin glow. Saba Daily Moisturizing Facial Cleanser has a mild fragrance and is suitable for the face and suitable for all skin types. In addition, this gel facial cleanser is gentle on the skin, does not form too much foam, and most importantly, does not dry your skin. Just use it every day to experience the natural radiance of the face.

Sabah Facial Cleanser

This facial cleanser comes in a pack of 100 ml. Because of its thick consistency, a very small amount is enough to use at a time. If used twice a day, 100 ml of facial cleanser will last about a month. I use it once in the morning and once before going to bed.

Saba Personal Care

Saba Afrin deodorant

The air sealed in the beautiful navy blue metal tank comes from Saba Afrin, Saba means youth, and Afrin means luck. Therefore, Saba Afrin is a deodorant designed to keep you energized and beautiful throughout the day. In addition, Afrin does not contain alcohol, animal-derived products, parabens or any other substances that cause irritation. I am using Saba, which is the first international brand in India to be certified as a zero-alcohol body spray. The dermatologically tested “Saba Afrin” is safe for your skin, and its long-lasting scent makes you smell good throughout the day. Buy from Amazon.

Saba Ambition deodorant

Saba Ambition is air-sealed in a cute maroon metal can, and its scent is designed for ambitious women with strong personalities. This halal, vegan-certified, confidence-enhancing deodorant emits a mild smell that lasts all day. Similar to Saba’s other body sprays, “Ambition” does not contain alcohol, parabens, animal derivatives or any substances that cause irritation. Saba Ambition is “dermatologically tested” to ensure that it is safe for your skin. Get this perfume to make you feel fresh and confident all day long.

Saba Filza deodorant

Packed in a rose-colored metal can is Saba Filza Deodorant, this perfume aims to highlight the youthful vitality derived from roses. In fact, Filza means a rose from heaven. If you want to immerse yourself in the fragrance of roses all day long, buy this deodorant. Those who are keen on mild floral scents will definitely love this perfume! In addition, Saba Filza does not contain alcohol, parabens, animal derivatives or any substances that cause irritation. The dermatologically tested Filza is safe for your skin. Get this long-lasting scent that will leave you feeling fresh and confident throughout the day. Buy from Amazon

Saba Fresh Deodorant

Saba Fresh is a fully packaged alcohol-free body spray in a bright yellow metal can. As the name suggests, “Fresh” awakens freshness throughout the day with its vibrant scent. It is for this reason that this deodorant is very popular among people who love outdoor activities. Saba Fresh is also a halal and vegan certified deodorant that does not contain alcohol, parabens, animal-derived ingredients, or, for that matter, no irritating materials. According to the brand, the deodorant “has been dermatologically tested and is absolutely safe for your skin.”

Saba Playful Deodorant

Last but least, Saba Playful is a halal vegan deodorant, packed in a striking red spray can. This perfume is loved by the younger generation because it has a very playful vibe. Saba Playful has a world-class mild fragrance that lasts all day. No alcohol, no preservatives, no other harmful ingredients.

Enjoy the pleasure of Saba body spray and enjoy your day-shake “CAN” a few times, stand it upright and spray it directly on the underarms or neck. (At least 6 inches away) At all times, you must avoid direct contact with your mouth, eyes, nose, or any irritated skin infected area.

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