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Father's Day Gift Ideas – Lexi's Clean Kitchen

With Father's Day just around the corner on June 16, we've rounded up some of our favorite Father's Day gifts and ideas that we think the dad in your life will love.

We offer a variety of prices perfect for your dad, grandpa, father-in-law, stepdad, friend, new dad or a dad-like figure in your life –No matter who it is, we are here to serve you!

What can't you forget on Father's Day? A phone call, a personal and thoughtful card, and if possible, spending some time together!

Father's Day 2024 gift ideas for every budget

Mike's Picks:

  1. For weekend travelers: rululemon large duffel bag ($198)
  2. Our new sleep essentials: EvenSleep Mattress Cover Sleep Tracker (scope)
  3. Pants he likes: Lululemon ABC pants ($128) or Lululemon ABC Jogging Pants ($128)
  4. To anyone: lush bidet (from $99)
  5. For travelers: Leather toiletries/travel bags ($22)
  6. To anyone: Yeti 35 Cooler ($275)
  7. Mike said… mechanical keyboard ($189)
  8. Suitable for all seasons: Tailored Legacy Jacket (priced at $105)
  9. Home gym essentials (scope)
  10. Mike's Favorite Shoes Part One: Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers ($80)
  11. Mike’s Favorite Shoes Part 2: Men's Allbird Shoes ($98)
  12. Mike's Favorite Shoes Part 3: new truck He Likes it ($90)
  13. Mike's favorite New bike table ($499 a splurge, but he loves it)
  14. Always a good idea: new belt ($65)
  15. You can't go wrong: dewalt tools ($139) or Stylish Hoto Tools (scope)
  16. For the DJ at home: Bose speakers ($149)
  17. For swimmers: nitrogenew swimsuit (On sale for $20, he likes this brand)
  18. Mike’s Favorite Soft Button Gown: Mizzen and main shirt ($120)
  19. For tea lovers: electric kettle (scope)
  20. To anyone: AppleAirPods ($279) and Customized AirPods protective case ($30)
  21. Get delivery: Goldbelly Famous Restaurant Food Delivery (scope)

Other Father’s Day gifts:

  1. For the grill: Personalized BBQ Gift Set ($60)
  2. You can't go wrong: Toumi Wallet (100 dollars)
  3. Anyone wants: Leatherman knife ($69)
  4. simple present: baseball cap ($69)
  5. For coffee lovers: Nespresso coffee machine (scope) or squander Jura coffee maker – We’ve had ours since I started WFH in 2015 and absolutely love it ($1349 or less with coupon)
  6. trend: ninja cream ($210)
  7. For fitness enthusiasts: Wellsage gun ($148)
  8. For camping: portable camping toilet (15 dollars)
  9. the best: matcha and tea (LEXI has a discount)
  10. For travelers: take away luggage (scope)
  11. For beauty: Val Beauty ($27)
  12. Super cool: lava bead bracelet ($99)
  13. new: golf shorts (I like this brand)! ($59)
  14. Good for breakfast eaters (non-toxic) waffle maker ($250)
  15. Can't go wrong nice robe ($148)
  16. To anyone: only stove (scope)
  17. Anyone will love this rolling cooler, even I am like this, haha! ($170)
  18. To anyone: Birkenstock shoes ($145)
  19. For the chef or grill master: black stone griddle (scope)
  20. For wine experts: Automatic electric bottle opener ($54) + a bottle of good wine!
  21. Yeti Funnel Backpack Suitable for anyone ($275)
  22. For coffee lovers: cup of ember ($119)
  23. For chefs: grass fed Meat delivery box (The latest deals are here!)
  24. To anyone: vacuum mop (on sale)
  25. For pool geeks: swimming pool skimmer (scope)
  26. reader: ignite ($130) or splurging Kindle Scribe ($420)
  27. One who has everything: AirDoctorPro air purifier (AD1000 is $110 off, AD200 is $110 off, AD3000 is $280 off, AD5000 is $300 off)
  28. For the grill: Nice barbecue tool (50 U.S. dollars)
  29. You can't go wrong: Ugg slippers ($129)
  30. For campers: new tent ($85)
  31. Stock him up with charcoal scent: natural deodorant (Promo code LEXI for 10% discount)
  32. For offices: briefcase ($193)
  33. To anyone: Reusable stainless steel water bottlee ($30)
  34. For those who have it all: men's flat underwear ($28)
  35. Great gifts for men: Rothy's loafers ($189)
  36. You can't go wrong: No hat ($45) or carhart beanie ($35)
  37. For those who have it all: bombas sock bag (50 U.S. dollars)
  38. For healthy people: Drinking LMNT sample pack ($14) or Balance CBD (scope)
  39. For health enthusiasts: Essential oil stone diffuser ($123) and Essential oil health kit ($47)
  40. polaroid camera ($126)
  41. samsung bezel tv We love ours! (scope)
  42. For new dads: Dada book ($5), and Customized Dad Shirts ($22)
  43. For families: skylight frame ($150) or Aura digital photo frame ($169)
  44. Decorate his space: Searle Plant Gift Card or plant (scope)

Customized gift ideas:

  1. sweater grandpats ($41)
  2. grandpa doormat ($14)
  3. Custom tape measure ($9)
  4. Personalized Popcorn Bowls ($23)
  5. Personalized S'more Bars (5 USD)
  6. Leather personalized travel bag Toiletries ($22)
  7. Customized travel timetable ($129)
  8. Customized puzzles For grandparents ($42)
  9. Artifact Uprising Personalized Calendar
  10. Personalized coasters
  11. Custom photo album (50% discount)
  12. Custom pet portrait
  13. Meditation app subscription or favorite magazine subscription
  14. Local: Cooking Class and Wine Tasting Package
  15. Local: 1-hour massage at local location
  16. Locals: Greenhouse gift card to grow all their flowers!
  17. Local: Local restaurant gift cards
  18. Flying Lessons (if you have one who has always wanted to be a pilot)!
  19. Subscription box: butcherry box, Hot Sauce of the Month, mindfulness box, Book Club of the Month, audio membership, Netflix or gourd, Thriving Market Membership (scope)

Be sure to check shipping deadlines so your gift arrives on time!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I really think you (and he) will love every item!

If you are looking for other gift ideas, click here Get the complete holiday gift guide.

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