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Make Adorable Father's Day Crafts with Baker Ross

Get ready to get a little creative this Father’s Day Baker Ross! If you're looking for a unique, heartfelt gift that your dad will cherish, you've come to the right place. Baker Ross is a treasure trove of artefacts waiting for children to explore.
From heartstring-tugging DIY cards to quirky personalized trinkets, Baker Ross has something for every little crafter looking to make Father's Day even more special. No need to stress over complicated instructions or fancy tools, Baker Cross's Father's Day crafts are designed with fun and simplicity in mind.

We have been big fans of Baker Cross for years and I have done a lot of crafts with my kids.
We received a beautiful basket full of Father's Day crafts and here are just some cute craft kits that little ones can give to their dad/grandpa on Father's Day.

We were really excited to try the Magic Shrink Keychain, but I think mine overheated! The dog came out, but I completely cremated the car! oops.
Simply use a pencil or felt tip pen to color in the pre-printed designs and watch them shrink to miniature size as they heat in the oven for 2-3 minutes.
These shrink keychains are perfect for adding a personal touch to dad's keys or bags and are sure to bring a smile to his face on Father's Day.

Wooden racing kits are fun crafts. First, pop, build, and decorate all the pieces. Decorative paint pens are great for coloring wood, plastic and metal.

There are tons of stickers perfect for DIY Father’s Day cards…

There are also some cute bookmark making kits. These racing cars are a lovely activity for young craftsmen.
Using the stickers provided, kids can build their own customized race car. Add a little ribbon and you have a cute bookmark for dad!

Baker Ross also has lots of cute craft kits to choose from, from picture frames, wind chimes, desk organizers, money banks and more!
visit Father's Day Crafts Zone Browse the complete collection.

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