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Fauci and Chuck Todd weave the fantasy about “Delta” variants and vaccinated Americans-RedState

Dr. Anthony Fauci never seems to tire of intensifying COVID hysteria among the American people. He won’t let trivial things like Independence Day weekend slow him down. He appeared in the NBC News “Meet the Media” broadcast this morning.

Just less than two weeks ago, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul called on him on this matter.As my colleague Brandon Morse wrote Regarding Paul’s new interview with Dan Bongino:

Paul has been paying attention to these numbers. Although bureaucrats like Dr. Anthony Fauci have been selling vaccines to everyone, including children (which is completely unnecessary), Paul has some very good news.

According to the data, we have reached herd immunity, and COVID-19 has effectively ended.

I encourage you to explore the science that Paul shared read Brandon’s work is complete.

Anyway, so, the next day, Tuesday, June 22, at the White House briefing, NPR Report that:

…Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health said that 20.6% of new cases in the United States are caused by the Delta variant.Other scientists tracking the variant say it is expected to become the main virus variant in the United States

Fauci said: “The Delta variant is currently the biggest threat to our attempts to eliminate COVID-19 in the United States.” He pointed out that the proportion of infections caused by the variant doubles every two weeks.

NPR wrote that after lamenting the increasing threat posed by the Delta variant, more and more people roll up their sleeves to get vaccinated more urgently than ever, especially considering how far the country is from finally returning to normal ,” the good doctor said,

“We have the tools, so let us use them to contain the epidemic.”

Please pay attention to the wording: “tools”. It will be important in the future.

However, Fauci’s media has appeared in convoys, just like many other COVID talk leaders, such as the Republican’s dear Scott Gottlieb, as Bunche wrote This morning, keep rolling.

At the end of last month, during his stay on CNN, Fauci hinted that places with a high percentage of unvaccinated citizens would be hit hardest. He used a phrase that should make every American stop.
(Emphasis mine)

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Delta variants: “If you are not vaccinated, you will be at considerable risk…”

“…What will you see In under-vaccinated areas …You will see these individual types of light spots.It’s almost like this There will be two Americas.

Back to this Sunday. Dr. Fauci visited his old friend Chuck Todd, and he was very happy to help him weave an illusion about a fully vaccinated person infecting and spreading this terrible new variant.

After serving a large bowl of word salad about “asymptomatic transmission,” Todd asked Fauci:

Can a fully vaccinated person become an asymptomatic spreader of the virus, and more importantly, a spreader of this variant?

The beginning of Fauci sounds like affirmative.

The answer is that you have to say yes. I mean, if you are looking at the ongoing research, we will get the answer because we are looking at how you are vaccinating people with breakthrough infections. In other words, even though they have been vaccinated, they are still infected. Most of these people will have no symptoms.

He then admitted that because the virus levels of the individuals vaccinated in these studies seemed to be very low, “breakthrough infections” [would be] Not too possible. “

But, as he did before, talking to Fauci treats the audience like an idiot who doesn’t know how the vaccine works-none of them are 100% effective. “But it will not be zero, because as long as there are biological phenomena, there will always be a range.”

In the end, he completely contradicted himself. I know you are shocked. He said: “But in most cases, [asymptomatic spread] It is less likely. “

However, the spread of fear and fantasy continues. Here, Todd once again used “Biloxi, Mississippi” as an example. Fauci suggested that fully vaccinated Americans wear a mask when they travel to a state that is not vaccinated. Administrative enforcement Mask tasks in March:

There is only one problem.In one piece Publish Written by NPR last week, entitled “If I get the vaccine, do I need to worry about the Delta variant?” Researchers, other scientists, and even the World Health Organization have stated that this possibility is very small. They wrote:

The COVID-19 vaccine is expected to be Prevent new virus variants, According to the World Health Organization.

And these variants (there are several: alpha, delta, but also delta plus) may cover all current vaccines against the original virus. The following is the data in the article about the three vaccines in use in the United States: (emphasis added)

As for the vaccine, A study on a variant of the Scottish delta Researchers from the University of Edinburgh found that although the mutation is associated with doubling the risk of hospitalization for infected people in the area, Pfizer… The vaccine provides… 60% protection… Fight the infection two weeks after the second dose.And one British Public Health Research The results showed that the two doses Pfizer vaccine Yes 88% effective Fight against symptomatic diseases from delta variants.

As for other vaccines, David MontefioreThe director of the AIDS vaccine research and development laboratory at Duke University Medical Center is optimistic. Based on his unpublished research, including the Moderna vaccine, he said “delta Does not seem to pose too much threat to the vaccine. “

Weatherhead has this view on the effectiveness of J&J’s delta variant: “We just don’t have data, but that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective. We know It’s right [other variants]. We will have a breakthrough infection, but Vaccines can really prevent serious illness and death. “

Dr. Fauci and his left-wing friends insist on seizing every opportunity to instill fear in as many Americans as possible, and believe that there are “two Americas.” However, they accused us of the right wing and that terrible orange man of dividing the country. How do we do what they have been telling us and follow the science?

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