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Final Exam-Intermediate #27-Italian Podcast

note! I decided to try to put difficult words at the end of each paragraph. Tell me how it looks in your eyes.

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Italian Podcast. I’m David. In this episode, we discussed a very interesting topic, which is the final exam, which is the final exam of high school, for example, Causes of anxiety For many Italian children. And, by the way, Italian students are facing this terrible test these days, or rather, more than one.plot reconnect, That is, it connects toAn episode we made about Italian schools, So I suggest you listen to the episode about Italian schools first, and then come back here to listen.I think we will also do an episode of reflection without a report card, in which we will talk about our experience in the final exam, so a Triptych, Regarding the school trilogy, this is a text written by Erika. It is well written as usual. It is a bit difficult. I decided to put it at the intermediate level, but it can be almost advanced.then More reason For this episode, check the transcript on the website. Follow the link in the description of this podcast and listen to the episode several times to try to remind you of the more difficult structures, which are more than one in this episode. I also want to thank Italki who sponsored this episode.Italki [è una] A great platform for learning languages.I taught a lot now On Italki. For example, many of you decided to subscribe via the link, so I am very happy 1) italki sponsors the Italian podcast and 2) to be able to take classes with many people who told me: “David, I’m from the podcast”.So yes, I’m very happy to be able to help so many people and remember, as I wasLatest videoIf you want to speak well, you must speak a lot.So you know me, you know more or less who I am, how I am, how I speak, so if you are afraid to talk to others, you can talk to me, I promise you I don’t bite, Let’s speak Italian. Therefore, thanks to Italki, please remember that if you click on my link, you will have $10 in credits for class.

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Now let us listen to this wonderful episode written by Erika.

Causes of anxiety = Source of anxiety
reconnect = Linked, connected
Triptych = Work in three parts
More reason = More so, more reason
now = These times
I don’t bite = I don’t bite

With the advent of June, the most anticipated, desired, and dreamed thing of all students is approaching in Italy: school starts.Now the sky is long and hot, the air is full of the breath of spring, the boys’ minds vacancy for me Sunny beach, Hanging out with friends, outdoor games, ice cream, summer love… These books will be kept for a few months to rest Shelf , Closed, and all questions related to them Inquire, All verification, Professors.

There is only one type of student who hopes that this month will never come. They are the so-called “maturandi”, young people in the last year of high school, now 18 years old, now adults, they are dangerously close to an event that has been waiting for them for many years, and they have been anxious and thinking. Since September or who knows, maybe even earlier attention.this is So-called “Mature exam”, a final exam that all Italian students must take, At the end The fifth grade of high school must go through.This is an exam Scared, Partly because it is objectively difficult, A little bit why coming painting As a kind of coming-of-age ceremony of that period easy going The responsibility of adolescence to adulthood, the determination of a person’s future and destiny.
So this is a step Marks the end of an era Life, school and adolescence.

(Boys’ minds) Wandering = Hovering
Sunny beach
= Sunny beach (but more poetic)
Shelf = Shelf
= Oral exam
= Written test
The so-called = So-called
Finally =
At the end
(Exams that students must take)
= Experience, experience
= Afraid
A little bit why
= Part of the reason is
Painted (as a passing ceremony)
= It is depicted as a
Relaxation period
= Lighthearted
Marks the end of an era
= Marks the end of an era

I suggest you listen to a very famous song by Antonello Venditti, The eve of the exam, And watch the movie of the same name, get an idea, in spite of a little’ fabricated For young Italians, what maturity means.
But, then, what does this terrible exam include?
Over the years, various discussions and various reforms have been conducted on its model, but Juice is This is a test of the skills and concepts learned during the five-year learning process. The examination is divided into two parts: written examination and oral examination.
The writing part is separate Around you (After the last reform) in two trials.The first test includes the so-called “topic”, or Drafting Italian text, students must certify grasp Their language is perfect and they can organize ideas in a logical way. You can choose between several “repertoires”, that is, different types of text: topic topics, argumentative topics, or literary text analysis.
On the other hand, the second test depends on the type of school attended, because it is associated with the “characteristic subject”, which is the typical subject of the selected address, such as the language of the language high school or the high school of math science.
Difficulties and biggest concerns Lies in the fact These tests are the same for the whole of Italy, because they are handled by the Ministry of Education, not by the professors, just like the tests that were carried out that year.So you can’t get clue Tests of any type: their content is unpredictable and can only be found on the day of the test.
Until last year, there was a third exam (abolished by the last reform) that frightened students because it included Written It is necessary to answer 12 open questions, covering three or four different topics covered in the year.However, the problem with this test is caused by teacher.

in spite of = Even
= Fictionalization-similar to a novel, making the story more interesting
Juice is
= The main idea is (literally translated as “juice”)
Around you
= Sequentially
= Here means “writing”
= Master
(Difficulty) lies in
= In fact
= Prompt
A written =
written examination
= Teacher

As we have seen, these two tests are not simple, but the most frightening test is undoubtedly the oral test: students must be prepared for all (or almost) subjects studied last year.On the day of the oral exam, the student found himself facing a committee, which consisted of some professors he met during the year (so-called “interns”) and some unknown professors (because of From From other schools, the so-called “outside”) and the principal who checks that everything is done According to the rules.
Every professor local Ask students one or more questions about the subject Its ability, The student must respond as completely as possible. “Internal” professors are well-known professors, so it is easier to answer their questions. If they are amiable, it is usually not too difficult. For external professors, this is not the case, and their problems are even more unpredictable.
In short, you have to remember a lot of information, compare yourself with professors you’ve never seen before, of course, put off (Control) Anxiety: The final grade of our high school graduation depends on this exam!

Coming = From
According to the rules

ask a question = Ask a question
(Subject) Its authority = What he can do, or what he teaches
put off = Keep control

This is very rare, but it is also possible failure In the final exam, if you fail a certain level in the three tests fractionIn this case, the student will have to repeat the fifth year and retake the exam in the second year.It’s rare, but it can happen, and that’s why anxiety is one thousand! Moreover, since the final score depends on this exam, even the most diligent people are worried because they don’t want to ruin all their efforts for five years in three days. In short, this is a challenge for everyone!
one time by Exam, usually occur At the end of June and on three different dates, one test at a time to obtain a so-called “bachelor degree”, the documents indicate prove The end of our studies and our final grades, which are determined by the committee based on the grades and examination results obtained in the school in the past three years.
Passing a bachelor’s degree exam is always a great joy for students, because it not only means getting rid of the huge burden and huge fear, but also being able to pass a very difficult exam smoothly, opening the door for further studies. The most important thing in the world of work is a future that needs to be built.
Now tell us: Does your country have such evidence? Tell us your story in the episode comments.

Come/rejected = Fail the exam, fail
Score = fraction
(Anxiety is) One thousand = Very high
by = Passed
occur = Happen
prove = Proof, proof

Beautiful plot. Thanks again Erica. Write to me, if you want more episodes written by Erika, please write to us, because I think she is better at writing than me and her episodes are always the best, so write to me. Or you can follow her on Instagram (@erikaporreca), her names are Erika and k, please write her a message: “Erika, you made more episodes because your episodes are the best” , If you think so (I think so).
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Nothing, see you in the next episode, listen to each other. Take care and see you next time. Hello there!

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