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Fire, the correctional union boycotted the “Hometown Heroes” parade in New York: “Be kind to us!”

The union of New York firefighters, correctional officers, and EMT staff condemned the city’s hometown hero parade.

The parade started at 11 am on Wednesday along the Canyon of Heroes in Lower Manhattan to thank important staff who helped New York weather the coronavirus pandemic.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement last week: “This celebration will pay tribute to all those who have fought in adversity and unprecedented challenges to ensure the safety of New Yorkers. I can’t wait. Celebrate with them.

But several unions representing the city’s first responders demanded more than just a ticker incident.

The Correctional Officers’ Charity Association (COBA) issued an open letter to De Blasio, stating that its members were “deemed as victims” during the health crisis.

COBA Chairman Benny Boscio Jr. wrote: “I hope all New Yorkers know that due to the serious mismanagement and negligence of the Department of Corrections, too many of our pandemic heroes are no longer with us today.” “More than 1,700. Correctional personnel were infected with COVID-19, and unfortunately, 9 of them died of this deadly disease.”

Bosio said that at the beginning of the pandemic, officials were not provided with masks, personal protective equipment or tests. He said that when an employee tests positive for COVID-19, they are not allowed to use sick leave benefits.

The chairman of the union also pointed out “bad working conditions” that have not yet been fully resolved, such as three shifts in summer and poor ventilation in facilities.

“You won’t see us in a group photo,” Bosio wrote, referring to the parade.

People watch the “Hometown Hero” ticker parade in New York, New York, July 7, 2021. The unions of New York firefighters, correctional officers and EMT staff are boycotting the march.
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The Uniformed Firefighters Association also told its members not to participate in the parade. New York Daily News.

The message signed by the chairman of the union, Andrew Ansbro, read: “Our members still risk their lives every day to expose themselves to COVID-related diseases.”

Local 2507, a union representing EMT staff, paramedics and fire inspectors, told news station CBS2 that they would also boycott heroic activities. The union stated that the money spent on demonstrations is best spent on raising wages.

Another union, Local 768, also believes that its workers should be paid more instead of marching. The group represents more than 5,000 social workers, contact tracers, public health consultants, respiratory therapists and other employees.

“A ticker parade usually costs New York City more than $1 million. Although the money is said to be raised through private funds, the 768 local wants to see the basic staff of all New York City municipal staff repay. Local 768 leaders Believe that it’s important to send a strong message to the Mayor of New York: You can’t use a parade to buy us out!” website.

Weekly newspaper The mayor’s office was contacted in response to the union’s objections, but no response was received before the release.

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