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Five cybersecurity experts protect your brand on social media

by Securing the network

For many businesses, the use of social media and collaboration applications is essential to keep in touch with customers and employees. From Facebook to LinkedIn to Slack, these applications allow us to connect on any device and are particularly important in the new era of remote work.

Every business needs social media. Whether you are selling on Facebook or socializing on LinkedIn, it is an important part of transactions in the modern world. Although social media is essential for customer engagement and business development, it also exposes organizations to security risks. These networks are one of the easiest platforms to use.

Cybercriminals often use social media to conduct spear phishing attacks or conduct research on potential victims for targeted social engineering. Although social media is a powerful and important force in developing a brand, it may create responsibility for cybersecurity. To protect themselves, companies must manage new digital risks on social media by increasing their visibility into official and unofficial channels as part of an overall security strategy.

What are the ways to protect your social platform and all content related to it? Below are comments from five industry experts and thought leaders on protecting your brand’s social media accounts.

Brian Solis Author, X: Experience when business encounters design and scale of life
LinkedIn | Twitter

As Salesforce’s global innovation evangelist, Brian Solis’s influence in the business technology field is greater than this position implies. He is the author of eight books on the relationship between business and evolving technology. Therefore, Brian knows a thing or two about the role of social media in success. His insights on corporate social media stem from anthropological research on these a The article was published on his personal blogBrian wrote:

“Social media has opened a door for companies to become more social. But social is not just a technology, it is also a way of life. This is a series of digital platforms that form a social structure, and it also introduces a new social contract. Relevance requires “socialization” to become a universal philosophy, willing to participate in these new social contracts with added value. It becomes a business method and lifestyle.”

When we consider social media to be an indispensable part of modern business, protecting the brand’s identity and reputation becomes crucial. Account hackers can deplete any social currency earned by your business and make you lack the trust of your followers.

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