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Things organizations should keep in mind during iOS updates

It’s time again: it’s time to ask yourself if your marketing agency is ready for the next iOS update!

Since Apple has updated iOS 10-15 times a year, you may know that updates are coming, but just because they are updated regularly does not mean that they are rarely or unworthy of attention.For example, you know the next one, one Privacy update for iOS 14, Will it have a direct impact on the organization?

your Success as a marketing agency It depends on your ability to capture user activity and let it notify you on various platforms.This means using valuable new technical features with Be prepared to deal with any potential problems.

Here is what you need to know about the latest iOS updates.

What does iOS update mean?

The most noteworthy items in the iOS update revolve around user privacy.

With more and more news reports about the theft of user data, people are increasingly protecting their data shared online or through apps. Even if they didn’t care before, now people are starting to care.

A major feature of the new iOS update is that users can now limit the amount of data collected by any third-party website they visit.

Of course, this feature is always available, but it takes some time and effort to find and close and open it. The new version will now ask each application to ask if they allow the application to collect data during use.

Preventing data collection more easily may be good for users, but it prevents apps (and app owners) from tracking them and collecting valuable data Marketing purpose.

In addition to allowing users to turn off application data collection, users can also restrict the details of their location. They can now choose to share the general area instead of the exact location.

What does this update mean for marketing yourself and your customers?

These new security features will prevent you from collecting detailed data that previously gave you insight into what to market to users. You must learn to adapt, because you can no longer rely on app usage and accurate location details to target specific ads to specific users-but this is not the main cause of concern.

If you can’t target your data to users, you can develop marketing to attract more audiences. Propagating a wide range of information will enable you to reach more people.From there, you can interact with them in the following ways Newsletter subscription or survey Learn how to market more specific ads.

Explore new ways to attract audiences

you can also Increase your social media influence And place ads on multiple platforms instead of just focusing on one or two platforms.From there, you can analyze where your audience usually comes from (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, etc.) and develop more targeted Paid advertising For the most engaged platform.

In addition to expanding to other social media platforms, agents should also consider expanding to Different marketing channels. For example, certain ad slots podcast May be a good way to show in front of a wider audience. Make sure you research what your audience is interested in, and see which popular podcasts cover these areas and interests.

Another channel that has received a lot of hype is SMS. Users use mobile phones more often, and text messages are a simple way to attract someone’s attention.Whether it’s reminding them of seasonal promotions or promoting new products based on their past purchases, SMS is a great way Increase participation.

Embrace change

These privacy updates are not meant to scare consumers or hurt businesses. User privacy is an important issue, and Apple is doing its part to show that it cares about user privacy. These iOS privacy updates will not significantly reduce the number of ads users see on the page-they just mean that the ads users see may be less relevant to them.

This universal experience may even cause some users to be willing to share their data/location with the app without hesitation. If I see ads anyway, then they may also be related to my interests, right?

These changes will affect users’ social media Experience, but they have not changed the fact that there are still consumers who need products. Expanding your marketing influence on other platforms, investigating customers who visit your website/store, and strengthening your core advertising will ensure that you and your customers are always in the minds of the audience.

Is there anything other agencies should do to help them deal with the consequences?

do not worry.

Your audience still exists, and they still need your product. You may not be able to send push notifications when a user is next to your store, but you can develop a compelling campaign that makes people want to go to your store no matter where they are at the time.

You just need to spend a little more time figuring out how to reach your audience.

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