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Former boss of Values ​​Union resigns

DThe former chairman of the Value Alliance, Alexander Mitsch, left the particularly conservative group of members of the CDU. The reason is the behavior of Max Otte, the new head of Value Alliance. “Mr. Otter’s envelope caused me to resign,” Mitch told the German News Agency in Stuttgart on Monday. “Mr. Otter cannot continue the original intention of the values ​​alliance.” The values ​​alliance has always been intended as a powerful group within the alliance, distinguished from the left and right edges.

Heidelberger Mitsch is one of the founders of Values ​​Union and has led it for four years. He can imagine joining a new platform where members of the Value Alliance who have resigned can come together. “It’s very possible.” The founding idea of ​​discouraging the alliance from taking the left-wing route is still correct.

Criticism of Ott’s remarks about Merz

Mitch criticized his successor about the CDU economist Friedrich Meltz’s remarks. Ott once said on the weekend that Melz was burdened by previous lobbying activities, “even if lobbying activities are suspended, he should not take over the state office.” Mickey replied that it was “simply unacceptable.” Obviously: “Otter did not express a majority opinion on the Value Alliance here.” Under the leadership of Mitches, the Value Alliance is committed to making Meltz a candidate for prime minister of the alliance.

Meltz himself also made it clear that he opposed Otter’s statement and the CDU members’ withdrawal Value Alliance call. “I urge all members of the CDU to leave the so-called value alliance and shape the future together in the CDU,” said Amin Rashet, a member of the CDU campaign team of the German news agency CDU.Otter obviously doesn’t know the difference between “as a lawyer and a board of supervisors’ lobbying and professional activities,” said Melz.

Friedrich Merz wanted to be the chairman of the CDU twice.

Image: Michael Cappell/dpa

Merz served as Chairman of the German Supervisory Board of the American asset management company Blackrock. The mission ends on March 31, 2020-so it’s not just a dormant state. Meuse said: “The unqualified envelope sent by Mr. Otter should make the members of this self-styled value alliance think a little bit.”

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