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Full body HIIT styling

It’s time to #stopdropandbettyrock with a super fun full-body HIIT look!

This exercise combines resistance training and aerobic exercise Boost your energy, increase your strength, and keep your cardiovascular system strong.

In this example, we will do two interesting super groups, each with 3 actions. Rest as much as possible between actions!

As always, I will offer many options so you can do it yourself!

Take a few weighted objects and raised objects nearby, such as chairs, boxes, or sofas.

Are you ready to start? Press the play button, let’s HIIT!

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Full body HIIT styling

Click here for detailed written form notes and moving instructions.

Equipment: weights (water bottles, household items, dumbbells), optional elevated surface
Form: Perform each action in accordance with the prescribed time and repeat, and repeat 3 rounds.

Super Group 1

Step 1: Jump and squat take-off board rotation (10)

  • Start standing on the end of the mat to engage your core.
  • Bend your knees, place your hands on the ground in front of you, and slowly extend your hands outwards until you end in a high plank position, your core is joined, and your shoulders are stacked Your hands.
  • Rotate to one side, extend one arm to the sky, and extend the thigh outward.
  • Rotate back to your high plank, hands back to feet.
  • Jump through your heels and stand up vigorously.
  • Repeat on the other side and perform the plank rotation and repeat back and forth.
  • MOD: Perform this operation from the kneeling board position, just stand on the board and walk backwards to eliminate the jump.

Action 2: Curl pressing (8-12)

  • Begin to stand, hold the weight with both hands, then pull the shoulder blades back and down to tighten the core.
  • Keep your upper arms still, and bend the weight up to your shoulders with your palms facing you.
  • Rotate your palms facing outwards and press your arms, then lift your arms straight up above your head.
  • Slowly reduce the weight in a controlled manner and repeat.

Action 3: Chair rowing to triceps stretch (8-12)

  • Starting with the feet together, the core tightens, the shoulders roll back, and the hips sink back and down slightly, as if sitting on a chair.
  • From here, bring your elbows close to your chest cavity and place heavy objects beside you
  • Kick the left arm back to the triceps extension, and at the same time move the right leg back behind you.
  • Repeat this action on the opposite sides, alternating your arms and legs.

Super Group 2

Step 1: Jump and switch to alternate lunges (1:00)

  • Start with your feet at a distance of the same width as your hips, hold a heavy object with each hand, and the core participates.
  • Take a big step forward with your right leg, and then put your body straight down until the back knee is almost touching the ground (make sure the front knee does not extend toes, keep your chest straight, and keep your weight evenly through the ball) feet and heels) .
  • When you stand up, cross your front heel to stand and repeat on the other side.
  • After standing, bend your knees to lower the weight to the ground, then stand up and perform 2 split squats by jumping from a lunge and swapping the front and back legs, and then gently return to the lunge position.
  • Squat down to pick up the weight again and perform reverse lunges on each leg.
  • Repeat the split-leg squat, forward lunge, split-leg squat, and reverse lunge sequence within the specified time.
  • MOD: Do this to move your weight or take separate squats and simply lunge forward and backward within the allotted time.

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Action 2: Hip thruster (8-12)

  • Place your back on a raised surface (sofa or chair). The edge of the surface should be at the bottom of the scapula. Bend your knees to make them 90 degrees.
  • Use your heels to lift your hips to the ceiling, squeeze your hips and keep your core tight.
  • Place your hips back on the floor in a controlled manner and repeat.
  • MOD: Perform this operation on the ground instead of on an elevated surface.
  • Optional: Increase the weight of the hip crease to increase resistance.

Move 3: 3 raises (0:45)

  • Stand with your core tightened, chest tall, shoulders rolled back, holding heavy objects with both hands.
  • Keep your chest down and keep your core engaged, raise your arms to the side, keep your elbows slightly bent, and guide with your shoulders and elbows instead of your wrists.
  • Slowly put the weight back to the sides of your body in a controlled manner, and then lift the weight directly to the front of your body for forward lift, and finally your palms face the ground.
  • Slowly lower them to the center again, palms facing back, and use the back muscles to straighten the weight.
  • Put our weight back to the center and repeat the lateral elevation to forward and backward.

Great job! Looking forward to hearing your performance today-be sure to comment on any questions below and sign in.

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