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Gareth Southgate told the England team: It’s time to win the 2021 European Cup for New Wembley

The Three Lions can get a place in the first European Championship final Denmark, And the players were told that this was their chance to be an indelible name on the National Stadium.

England’s best moments, such as the 1966 World Cup victory and Paul GascoyneThe miracle target opposes Scotland The 96-euro games were all held in the original Wembley. Since the opening of the rebuilt stadium in 2007, there have been few memorable moments. Germany In the round of 16 in these finals, it will surely be England’s greatest performance to date.

The most important thing is to win the semi-finals tonight and have the chance to return to Wembley on Sunday to face Italy for the trophy.

Manager Southgate said: “Of course, Wembley has a wonderful history, but those of us who are old enough to remember the old stadium, many of our memories come from the old stadium.

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“The history of the stadium relies on those iconic moments. If we look at it historically, there may be fewer headlines for the World Cup finals, the Olympics, major boxing events and the new Wembley Stadium.

“This game is now one of the moments when we have the opportunity to participate in some very high-profile games and make some important moments. When you drive into the locker room of England’s iconic moment, there are some pictures on the wall, but some Not even a photo from the final. David Beckham’s free kick against Greece was a qualifier (at Old Trafford).

“In the past two games, our players have created some very special memories, especially for young people. Bless them, they think England has always been like this. They don’t have to go through what we have all experienced.”

Southgate wants Wembley to become a fortress and believes that 60,000 people can help.

“I haven’t heard that the new Wembley Stadium has the atmosphere of a German game,” he said. “As far as the atmosphere is concerned, the Croatian national league games are very good, but Germany is another level, I believe it will be very special.

“I don’t think Denmark will be afraid of Wembley. They have experienced players and I think they will like to play there, but we have to make the game a game they don’t like.”

Southgate is expected to start as a four-back. The main dilemma is whether to recall the restored Bukayosaka or insist on Sancho, who performed well in the match between Rome and Ukraine.

The manager believes that this combination proves that the back-to-back semifinals are just the beginning of the team’s success period, and Phil Foden and Mason Mount will also become part of a bright future. But he told his current crop to seize a moment that may never come again.

He said: “We believe that as they gain more experience, this team will become stronger, but you can never be sure how things will develop.

“In English football, in terms of the young players trained in our youth training and the experience they have, the success of our youth team is fostering confidence, and the young players here can experience participating in the game.

“However, for this team, you will never get the same group of players together again, so for this special team, this is their opportunity, our opportunity, and we hope to make the most of this. a little.”

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