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Grilled Lobster Tail Recipe (Quick and easy!)

Everything you need to learn how to grill lobster tails perfectly, including tips and step-by-step photos! This grilled lobster tail recipe is soft and creamy, with the best lemon garlic butter.

The complete ingredients + instructions are on the final recipe card. Before scrolling or jumping down, Don’t miss the useful tips in the post!

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This grilled lobster tail recipe has a lot in common with my favorite Grilled Lobster Tail, And is a perfect substitute for warm weather. Don’t be intimidated by the grilled lobster-it’s actually very simple! I will guide you through the entire process (including preparations) so that you know exactly how to grill lobster tails, from butterfly tails to seasoning, to using the correct technique on the grill.

If you want to take this grilled lobster to the next level, turn it into Surf and turf!Add side New York Steak, A Back-fried steak, Perfect filet steak, Even Steak bite.

Why you will love this grilled lobster recipe

  • Soft and tender
  • Delicious garlic butter topping
  • Easy to make
  • Ready in less than 20 minutes
The perfect grilled lobster tail recipe with lemon wedges and parsley

How to grill butterfly lobster tails

The first step in any grilled lobster recipe is to prepare the were able Butterfly lobster tails are used for grilling, put the meat on the shell, just like you do Grilled Lobster TailBut below I will show you a different, slightly Easier method.

  • Cut the lobster shells. Starting at the end opposite the tail fin, cut the center of the shell lengthwise along the tail, but do not cut the tail.

tip: Cut only the top shell. You want to cut the upper shell and some meat, but not all the way to the lower shell.

Use kitchen scissors to cut lobster tails
  • cut. Use a knife to cut longitudinally along the center ridge, but again do not cut through the bottom shell.
  • To flatten. Pry the tail open with your hand, and then flatten it with the palm of your hand to open it.
  • string. Run over string Longitudinal through the center of the meat. This helps prevent lobster tails from curling on the grill.

tip: First soak the kebabs in water to prevent them from catching fire on the grill. Just place them in a shallow pot filled with water for 30-60 minutes, and then weigh them with a bowl to keep them submerged.

Flatten lobster tails with skewers

How to season grilled lobster

We keep the seasoning very simple…

  • Before barbecue: Brush Lobster Tail olive oil Season with sea salt Black pepper.
  • When grilling: Brush with seasoned garlic butter Rear Flip. To do it, stir together the melted butter, crushed garlic, lemon juice, smoked paprika, and cayenne pepper.
Garlic butter for grilling lobster tails

How to grill lobster tails

Let’s take a look at the good stuff-how to cook lobster tails on the grill!

  • The barbecue face down. Place the lobster tail on the side of the grill meat under Cook without moving for 5-6 minutes, until the meat starts to brown and the shells start to turn red.
  • Add lemon garlic butter. Flip the lobster tails and brush the lobster meat with melted seasoned garlic butter. Close the grill and cook until opaque. (See the schedule below!) Serve with more flavored butter.

tip: Be careful when brushing butter. Try to apply it only to the meat and don’t let it drip into the grill, as this will cause the grill to catch fire.

Lobster tails on the grill
Brush the lobster tails with butter sauce on the grill

How long does it take to grill lobster tails?

How to cook grilled lobster tails Meat side down for 5-6 minutes, then meat side up for 1-6 minutes, Depending on the size.

tip: A good rule of thumb for lobster tail grilling time is approximately 60-75 seconds of total time per ounce of individual tails. For example, if your lobster tails weigh 8 ounces each, you will need to bake a total of 480-600 seconds, or 8-10 minutes. In the total time, 5-6 minutes is meat side down, and the remaining time is after flipping.

Individual lobster
Min meat
Face down
A few minutes later
4 oz 4-5 minutes 30-60 seconds
6 oz 5-6 minutes 1-2 minutes
8 ounces 5-6 minutes 3-4 minutes
10 oz 5-6 minutes 4-6 minutes
Top view of lobster tails cooked on the grill

How to grill frozen lobster tails

Although it is fine to buy frozen lobster tails, it is best to thaw them before cooking. See the options below.

Can you grill lobster tails from freezing?

It is not recommended to cook lobster tails that are still frozen because they will cook unevenly and become very hard.

How to defrost lobster tails before grilling

Defrosting lobster tail grill just like you Grilled Lobster Tail. You can use two methods:

  • refrigerator: Thaw lobster tails overnight in the refrigerator. Be sure to check your tails an hour or so before you plan to cook them to make sure they are completely defrosted!
  • cold water: Put the lobster tail in a zipper bag, soak in water for 30-60 minutes, until completely defrosted.

Can the lobster tails be grilled in advance?

Grilled lobsters are best cooked fresh, because seafood usually does not reheat well. However, you can make the lobster tail into a butterfly shape in advance and wrap it in plastic before refrigerating to prevent it from drying out.

Grilled lobster tails close up

What to serve with grilled lobster

This simple grilled lobster tail recipe requires several aspects, here are some to try:


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  1. If the tail is frozen, thaw it in the refrigerator overnight, or put it in a bag soaked in cold water on the counter to thaw approximately 30 minutes.

  2. Preheat the grill for about 15 minutes, Or bakeware 5 minutes, Heat over medium heat.

  3. At the same time, prepare the lobster tails.use Kitchen scissors, Starting from the end opposite to the tail fin, cut the center of the shell lengthwise and work all the way down until you reach the tail, but do not cut off the tail. You want to cut through the top of the shell, but don’t cut through the bottom shell.Use one Knife Cut longitudinally along the middle ridge, cut the lobster meat but not the bottom shell, and then spread the shell with your thumbs and fingers.Run one string Longitudinal through the center of the meat to prevent curling.

  4. Brush the lobster tails with olive oil. Season with sea salt and black pepper.

  5. In a small bowl, whisk together the melted butter, garlic, lemon juice, smoked paprika and cayenne. Set aside.

  6. Place the lobster tails on the preheated grill with the meat side down.Cook without interruption 5-6 minutesUntil the meat underneath begins to brown and is almost cooked.

  7. Turn the lobster tail over and brush half of the melted garlic butter on the lobster meat.Cover and bake again 2-4 minutes 8 ounces of tail, or until opaque. Serve with the remaining garlic butter.

    (If your tail sizes are different, a good rule of thumb for grilling time for lobster tails is that the total time per ounce of individual tails is about 60-75 seconds. For example, if your lobster tails are 8 ounces, you will grill them for a total of 480 -600 seconds, which is 8-10 minutes. In the total time, 5-6 minutes is meat side down, and the remaining time is after flipping.)

Recipe notes

Serving size: 1 8 ounces lobster tails

nutrient content

The amount per serving. The amount in the formula description above.

Calories 322

fat 16.7г

protein 40.3-

Total carbohydrates 0.9g

Net carbohydrates 0.7g

fiber 0.2g

sugar 0.2g

The nutrients are provided out of courtesy. Have questions about the calculation or why you get different results?Please see our Nutrition policy.

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