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Logitech Combo Touch Review-A near-perfect keyboard and trackpad case for iPad Pro

Logitech Combo Touch

Review – Many of us have had such moments when we tried to decide whether we could travel without a laptop. The iPad has made this possible for some time, but depending on the work you need to accomplish, a keyboard is almost necessary. When Apple enabled trackpad support, it was closer to the laptop experience, and Logitech Combo Touch is a good example of how good it is. Sneak in with me.

what is it?

Logitech Combo Touch is a keyboard and trackpad protective case for iPad Pro. The “Combo” in the name suggests that the backlit keyboard hides some tricks. It is magnetically detachable and reversible, so you can let it work for you, not against you.More details are as follows

What’s in the box?

  • Logitech Combo Touch Case with hinged stand
  • Combination touch keyboard with touchpad
  • Description and information sheet

Hardware specifications

  • Backlit keyboard
  • Accurately click anywhere on the touchpad
  • The entire row of iPadOS shortcut keys
  • Smart connector power supply-no need to charge, no need to pair
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Two sizes: 12.9-inch iPad Pro (5th generation) | 11-inch iPad Pro (1st, 2nd, 3rd generation)

Design and features

The Logitech Combo Touch case and keyboard completely wrap your iPad Pro in a case. The case has a canvas look and is very durable and easy to wipe.

The shell has raised side walls to protect the screen, and if you choose to run the screen protector, you can also leave room for the screen protector. The right side remains open for charging the Apple Pencil, while the left side has a smart connector and embedded magnets on both sides. The volume and power buttons depress the case nicely, and all speakers and charging ports have cutouts.

The keyboard uses Smart Connector for power supply and communication, which can be easily and quickly connected in two directions; keyboard mode and view/drawing mode. Here you can see some angle ranges in keyboard mode.

Then there is the ultra low mode for drawing and sketching.

The keyboard is backlit. In addition to the touchpad, there is a full row of iPadOS shortcut keys at the top, which significantly improves the functionality compared to the keyboard-only solution.

Set up

Press the iPad into place and install the Logitech Combo Touch case. You can see the smart connector inside the shell that interfaces with the iPad Pro here.

Connect the keyboard by arranging the smart connector and magnet on the left side of the case, and it will magically click into place after it clicks.

That’s it. Not charging. No pairing. No download. Sweet.

which performed

Logitech Combo Touch is a substantial solution provided in the best possible way. If you have used Apple’s own keyboard solution, you know that having a keyboard is a huge benefit. But usually, it just gets in the way. This is the charm of Logitech Combo Touch. Don’t need a keyboard? Just pull it down and put it aside.

The magnetic attraction is very strong. You can bring the iPad close to the keyboard, and as long as you don’t swing it, it will jump to its original position and keep vibrating. It is not recommended to hold the keyboard while the iPad is dangling, but it is sufficient.

Here are some reference numbers for your reference…

iPad Pro 11″ weighs 467 grams (1st generation) or 458 grams (3rd generation)
Apple Pencil weighs 17 grams
Logitech Combo Touch weighs 563g (the chassis weighs 247g, the keyboard weighs 315g)

So yes, 1040 grams (iPad, Combo Touch and Pencil) is not the lightest solution, but it is lighter than my M1 MacBook Pro, which weighs 1375 grams. In my opinion, weight loss is more than just a functional compensation.

Zero problems fit my first generation iPad Pro, and then my new third generation, which appeared a few days after receiving the Logitech Combo Touch. You can see that there is no real difference here except for the camera.

In no particular order, here are some places I like Combo Touch very much

  • Removable keyboard-available at any time; removable when not in use.In addition, you can connect it backwards with the key facing the back of the iPad, which is very convenient in reading or viewing mode to reduce the space occupied

  • Keystroke feeling-the keys have a subtle concave shape and enough travel, which makes them feel good
  • Backlit buttons-very useful when working in dungeons and low-light home offices

  • Protective case – Provides excellent protection and can solve most problems, especially when opening the keyboard to protect the screen
  • Stand-The surface flat-style stand works well, providing a variety of angles from typing to watching movies to almost flat drawing. I also found myself opening the stand gently when playing games on the iPad. I can pinch my fingers between the iPad and the stand to make it easier to touch the controls because I no longer need to hold the iPad. It is definitely not the main purpose, but a nice reward function.

  • Trackpad-this really changed the game. It’s easy to move the cursor and click the text where you need it. Command+tab brings us the application switcher, just like on the Mac, the shortcut key row puts everything you need at your fingertips.

As for malfunctions, I really only mark a few things…

  • Feels a bit heavy (literally heavier than another iPad, but about 40 grams less than Apple’s Magic Keyboard)
  • I hope there is a safer way to fix the Apple Pencil. It’s better than using a shellless iPad, but it can still be knocked over while wandering in a backpack.
  • The welded or pressed edges around the front and sides of the keyboard can sometimes feel sharp
  • Opening the keyboard from the closed off position can be a bit tricky, especially when the pencil is in place to charge, because there is no lip to grab. The easiest way is to use your thumb to push to cut the shell, as shown below.

  • For some cables with overmolded large connectors, the cutout for the charging port may be a bit small.

what do I like

  • The versatility of a detachable keyboard with a smart connector
  • Multi-angle super function bracket
  • Trackpad and shortcut keys are game changers

What will i change

  • The welded edges of the keyboard feel a bit sharp/rough
  • Want a safer way to keep Apple Pencil connected during transportation
  • Larger charging port opening

Final thoughts

If you are trying to use an iPad instead of a laptop, the keyboard is essential. The Logitech Combo Touch trackpad and its sturdy keyboard really help to reproduce this feeling. Being able to remove the keyboard while protecting the iPad is a huge bonus for Apple products, especially when considering cost differences.

price: $199 iPad Pro 11″ | 12.9-inch iPad Pro $229
Where to buy: Amazon
source: The sample of this product is made by Logitech

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