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Haiti chaos: the suspect in the assassination of President Moise was shot


our suspects Assassinated HaitiPresident Jovenel Moïse was shot dead in a gun battle with security forces.

Authorities say two other people were arrested and three were arrested Police officer Taken hostage and released in a gun battle in the capital Port-au-Prince.

“The hunt for mercenaries continues,” said Leon Charles, chief of the Haitian National Police.

The officials provided few details of the suspect, but said the attack was carried out by “a well-trained and heavily armed group” whose members speak Spanish or English.

The assassination plunged an already chaotic country into further turmoil. As food and fuel become scarcer, inflation and gang violence are on the rise, and 60% of Haitian workers earn less than two dollars a day.

Bullet holes in the car outside the presidential residence

/ AFP via Getty Images

Mr. Moise has faced large-scale protests in recent months, and the protests have become violent because opposition leaders and their supporters rejected his plan to hold a constitutional referendum and made proposals to strengthen the presidency.

Prime Minister Claude Joseph took over the leadership of Haiti with the help of the police and the army and enacted a two-week siege.

Martine Moïse arrives at the Ryder Trauma Center of the Jackson Health System in Miami for treatment

/ Associated Press

Robert Fadun, an expert on Haitian politics at the University of Virginia in the United States, said that this situation is “very explosive,” adding that it is possible for foreign countries to intervene with a United Nations military presence.

“Whether Claude Joseph can continue to be in power is a big question. If he does not create a government of national unity, it will be very difficult,” he said.

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