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Heavy showers may cause the first day of Wimbledon to be interrupted


Hundreds of heavy rains are expected in the south on Monday United Kingdom The wet weather at the beginning of the week may inhibit some of the upcoming sporting events in the UK.

Due to the forecast of sporadic downpours, the tennis stars of the Wimbledon opening day game on Monday may be forced off the court.

Historically, bad weather tends to force all tournaments held on any given rainy day to be postponed.

However, the investment in the roof exceeds Central court And Court 1 in recent years means that the unpredictability of the British weather is unlikely to affect the schedule-although the experience of sitting on the sidelines with strawberries and cream in hand may be different.

This Bureau of Meteorology Two yellow warnings were issued on Monday, extending south from Bath to all parts of the country-one for scattered thunderstorms and another for heavy rains-including “small probability” warnings for fast-moving or deep flooding.

The southern region is expected to bear the brunt for the rest of the week, including England and Germany In their last 16 matches of the 2020 European Cup at Wembley.

Many supporters across the country, especially in the north, will be able to watch the game in the sun.

But Steven Kitts, a senior meteorologist at the Met Office, said, “In north London, “during the game, there may be heavy rain, at least sometimes during the game.”

Two weeks ago, England had a zero-point draw with Scotland in the group stage, and England faced a similar situation.

Fans People gathered at the stadium this week hope that the flood does not mean the elimination of the Three Lions. Although the Three Lions are the most promising team for the gaming company, they are facing a severe test of their opponents.

In spite of the drizzle, the temperature during the whole process will be very mild, and it is expected that the dial will reach 19C in time to prepare for activation.

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