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How do we celebrate Easter! (With Erika)-RST #60-Italian Podcast

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Happy Easter, dear Italian podcast listeners! Today Erica and I are talking to you about Easter in our lives (and Italy). Our gift to you is that the video appeared for the first time in this episode of Reflections, which has no written records!


Today’s topic is a topic that is particularly close to your heart, it’s Easter [0:55]

Hammer and drill-the sound of hammer and drill
They are doing some work, so if you hear some hammering or drilling, you will know why. [1:15]

Is mutton Easter? Or I may be confused between the symbols of Easter and the typical dishes. [4:48]

pigeon […] In fact, it is very similar to panettone as a dough. [5:26]

Avanzi – Leftovers
They seem to take the leftovers from the pasta and mix them together. [5:36]

Well, you are just a Catholic who is more devout than me. – got used to? [6:30]

I am not a person known for his artistic skills [7:59]

Engagement Ring-Engagement Ring
Did you know that some people put engagement rings in Easter eggs? [8:39]

Then put a beautiful 300 carat ring inside. [8:57]

Once, let’s talk about Italian! [9:47]

Become a fan of something
I don’t know, i don’t like surprises [10:19]

Drastically reduced
Over the years, the number of Easter eggs has dropped sharply [10:55]

Smaltire-off work
Ah, I thought “You go to the gym to deal with it on the treadmill!” [11:49]

Working day-the day you work
And it’s a public holiday […] Working day is (one day) business [12:53]

With this translation on Easter Monday, the day after Easter, there is a barbecue [14:46]

Release steam-release steam
So it’s as if you vented on Easter Monday and ate all the meat you didn’t eat during Lent [15:01]

We often barbecue in my backyard [15:45]

How primitive people used stones to make fires, sparks, and bonfires [17:10]

Then we have a motorboat, let’s go grill the fish… [19:25]

Accept it-blame
You cannot blame the person who asked you the question, but blame yourself for being unorganized [19:34]

Chicca-candy, chocolate (here: small gifts, surprises)
Also found as a little gem, a preview of video and audio episodes [21:57]

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