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How is the new model different

Nintendo announced that the OLED version of its Switch console will be released in October.

The new model will not bring any tangible improvements in performance or gameplay as many people hope, but for the convenience of players, it will have a larger screen and some other enhancements.

What is the Nintendo Switch OLED model?

Different from PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, The Switch OLED console is just an incremental upgrade to its predecessor, and does not represent the next generation of hardware. This means that it will not contain any exclusive games that the original model cannot handle, nor will it run existing games with improved graphics. In short, it is not “Nintendo Switch 2”.

It’s not even “Nintendo Switch Pro” as fans call it.This highly anticipated console version Rumors will be announced at this year’s E3 conference But it never happened. Many people hope that if Pro exists, it will have enhanced processing power and display in 4K resolution.

Instead, the Switch OLED model is just a small upgrade, with a different screen for you to use when unplugged playback, as well as some other convenient features. To reiterate, Nintendo has confirmed to the technology website The Verge that it will not improve the CPU or RAM currently used by the original Switch.

What is the difference between Nintendo Switch OLED models?

Nintendo Switch OLED models will have larger screens that can display deeper blacks and more vivid colors.

There are many differences between the original Nintendo Switch and the new OLED model.

New screen

The main feature of the new Switch model is its OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen.First of all, its size is 7 inches instead of the original 6.2 inches or 5.5 inches for Nintendo Switch LiteThis means that if you are playing with a handheld device, you will get a slightly larger image.

In addition, because the new screen uses OLED technology, you will get better picture quality, clearer contrast, deeper blacks and more vivid colors (although the resolution will still be 1280×720). Again, this will only affect those who play the device in handheld mode, as there will be no visual upgrades when the console is docked and connected to the TV.

Built-in LAN port for docking station

Having said that, the dock itself will get a new built-in LAN port, which will make online gaming smoother. The initial version of Switch relied heavily on you to have a stable wireless Internet connection, so this is definitely an improvement.

As a bonus, Nintendo also revealed that the new docking station can be purchased separately from the OLED model, which means that if you want a LAN port, you don’t have to spend money to buy another console.

Increase internal storage

The internal storage capacity of the Nintendo Switch OLED model is 64GB, which is twice the 32GB of the original device.Even with this upgrade, when you consider games like this, there is still not too much space on the console The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Occupies 13.4GB.

Therefore, if you want to get multiple games on the Nintendo Switch OLED model, you may still need to buy a separate SD card.

A new bracket

The original Nintendo Switch’s controversial bracket has been modified for the OLED model. The old version was a fragile pull-out leg that could barely support the weight of the console without shaking.

The new model replaced it with a wider bracket, which spans the entire width of the back of the console and should be more stable. It is also fully adjustable, which means it can be set to many different angles.

In addition to all the above, OLED models will also benefit from “enhanced audio”, although Nintendo has not yet clearly stated what this actually means.

In short, the OLED model is not a dramatic transformation of the original console. If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch yet, or you often play handhelds, then this is definitely the version you want to get. Otherwise, it is hardly an essential purchase.

The new console will be available on October 8th at a price of US$349.

Nintendo Switch family
There are now three different Switch console iterations in “Nintendo Family”.

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