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New York City handed over the “divestment of police” campaign to another shameful failure-the Red State

Despite the disturbing “error” made of The New York City Election Commission involved 135,000 test ballots allegedly accidental include In the initial voting results, the mayoral candidate Eric Adams (Eric Adams) finally still had enough votes to win the city’s Democratic primary election for mayor. projection From the Associated Press:

Because New York City is very democratic, Republican candidates run for election-the founder of Guardian Angel Curtis Sliwa -Expected to have a tough climb hope to defeat Adams.

Although some media Faded Adams’ opposition to the cancellation of police funding and his apparent victory was another shocking rejection of the cancellation of the police movement, which was also hit by a judge in Minneapolis last week. order The city council and the mayor have strengthened their police force on the grounds that the city has not fulfilled its obligations to residents.

Adams’ background made him believe in supporting the police. He is a former New York Police Department official who assured voters during the primary election that he understands the views of the police and the views of black residents who do not trust the police.

In April, he correct Think of the leaders of the Defund the Police movement as mainly “young white wealthy people”:

In an interview with New York Magazine on Tuesday, Adams said that the “divestment of police” movement is not led by people of color in New York, but by young white professionals.

“Now, this is really led by a different group of people,” Adams said. “A lot of young white wealthy people came in and started talking.”


“When you start to divest, hey, the police are no longer with you,” Adams continued in his New York magazine interview. “The policeman is no longer in your lobby. When you left the Broadway theater, the policeman was not standing outside. And I have never participated in an event where people say we want fewer police officers. Never.”

I should also point out that in addition to opposing the cancellation of police funding, Adams also Also played End the city blockade and support the abolition of the charter school ceiling.

His victory only shows that even in liberal New York, the Democrats have their own limits on the nonsense of the progressive left. Sohrab Ahmari, editor of the New York Post column, offered a better view of Adams’ victory:

Now, if only voters from other Democratic cities Like auckland Will follow…

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