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How much should you spend on your wedding?

Everyone dreams of a stunning wedding where they make a grand entrance, invite hundreds of people, and organize the event in a secluded, romantic location. Sadly, such a dream comes at a huge cost, which is why most of us have to prioritize it. So, how much does a wedding cost?

“A decent wedding in the United States costs about $30,000,” according to windows by the lake, Long Island wedding venue. However, depending on your wishes, this number can easily climb to $50,000 or even $100,000.

So, what is the correct number? How do you create a wedding that’s impressive without looking cheap? In this article, we’ll break down the different wedding costs and share some tips for figuring out your budget.

What does a wedding mean?

We can easily break each wedding into several expense categories:

  • Catering and venue (35% to 45% of cost)
  • Music(10%)
  • Flowers and other decorations (20%)
  • Photography (10% to 15%)
  • Clothing(4%)
  • Transportation(3%)
  • Fixed (3%)
  • Other fees (4%)

It's worth noting that this breakdown shows numbers for the average incident in the United States. If you want to do something extravagant, the costs for some of these categories will change dramatically. For example, if you want everyone to fly to hawaiitransportation costs will rise rapidly.

How to decide on a budget?

When planning your wedding, you should plan your budget for both the entire wedding and your personal project. Some people decide to spend $40,000, so they have to compromise between these categories. For example, if you want more decorations, you may need to go cheaper on the food.

While we always recommend that you create the best event possible, we also don’t want to place a financial burden on you. Going into huge debt just to have a lavish wedding is not the way to do things. We recommend that you take some time to discuss the costs with your partner and consider the financial implications of doing so.

First, you should treat it like any other financial expense. Stick to your predetermined budget and squeeze everything within those limits.

How to track expenses?

Most people have trouble planning a budget because they don't know how to track their spending. However, you can easily resolve this issue using the following procedure Google Sheets. Create a row for each entry and describe the cost.

But one thing you have to be careful about is the extras. Be aware of various service charges, taxes, gas and parking fees, marriage certificates, etc.

You will also have to pay any additional fees that the supplier adds during the process. For example, they may add expenses such as fancy drinks, cake cutting, food and decoration delivery. Keep in mind that these fees are rarely included in the contract, so you'll have to add them later.

How to reduce costs?

While we love a lavish wedding, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be frugal. There are many ways to help you save money, including:

  • Change experts when possible. For example, ask your friends to help you choose the venue, clothes, and makeup.
  • Venues outside the city usually charge less. Honestly, there is no need to host your wedding in a luxury hotel or restaurant in the city center when you have a better experience in nature.
  • The hardest part of a wedding is cutting down the guest list. Initially, you feel the need to invite as many people as possible. But as costs start to rise, you realize that shortening your list is the best option.
  • Find the perfect day for your wedding. Couples often book sunny weekends in the spring and summer. Still, you can have a great experience in September or April.
  • Don't be afraid to bargain. Most wedding related events are subject to availability. So if your supplier doesn't have other customers at the time, they may give you a discount to keep you.
  • Also, take the time to compare available providers and services. There are many companies in the wedding industry, many of which offer low-budget options.

How much does it cost?

As mentioned before, the average American couple spends approximately $30,000 on their special day. That doesn't mean you should pay attention to this number, though. Given the importance of the day, excess is entirely justified. However, we don’t recommend getting a large loan to cover the costs.

Therefore, spending between $40,000 and $50,000 will give you a better wedding experience. For over $60,000, you and your guests have access to all service providers. Spending the extra money will also reduce the stress associated with wedding planning.

Keep in mind that these prices can go up or down depending on where you are from and the availability of wedding-related suppliers and venues.

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