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How to attract the right talent

Marketing Podcast by Ryan Englin

In this episode Tape Marketing Podcast, I interviewed Ryan Englin.Ryan is Chief Executive Officer Core Fit Hiring helps blue-collar companies fill the front lines with high-quality technicians and craftsmen.

Key points:

Finding the right talent is not an easy task to conquer. In fact, many people waste their time hiring the wrong people, or find it difficult to retain the people they try to attract.

In this episode, I discussed with Ryan Englin, the founder of Core Fit Hiring, why it’s so difficult for people to attract the right talent today, and what you need to do to attract high-quality frontline employees that match your company’s values-and how to keep them Come down.

My question to Ryan Englin:

  • [0:48] In the skilled workers and technician communities, it is more difficult to fill positions-can you tell me what you think about it?
  • [2:36] Does the trade industry itself have to make some fundamental changes or use better marketing to attract people to enter the industry again?
  • [4:28] The best salespeople to make your organization more people are happy employees who are passionate about their work, but how do you bring them into a culture that doesn’t exist?
  • [5:39] People are much better connected with stories than with features-how do you extract stories from certain industries to effectively help them attract employees?
  • [7:12] If people come to you now and say how we can attract and retain people, what advice would you give people in this particular environment? people?
  • [8:33] If your company, your culture, or your team is unattractive, how do you solve it?
  • [9:17] If I’m listening to this show and I particularly want to hire, or at least show my name in front of potential candidates, have you found a channel that seems to be the most effective way to attract people’s attention?
  • [11:00] Do employers need to start lowering their expectations of skills and experience?
  • [12:42] Will you go to college or vocational school and try to participate early?
  • [14:09] What role do unions play in this industry today?
  • [15:51] Since the relationship between supply and demand is so, will wage pressures really cause some cost problems for contractors?
  • [17:14] How big is the problem with poaching?
  • [19:09] If people are interested in this topic and they hire skilled workers, where can they find more information about some of your jobs?

More about Ryan Englin:

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