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How to be more creative

Creativity is our imagination and original ideas, usually referring to works of art such as writing, painting or theatre. But creativity isn’t limited to what we might think of as “art,” and there are many ways to be creative in every aspect of life. Creativity is important because it gets us out of our comfort zone and encourages us to try new things. This means not following the same lines and paths that the society and culture around us tell us is “right” or “good,” but actually channeling original ideas from within us.

Some people consider themselves “creatives,” and there are even horoscopes that suggest that people born at certain times of the year are more creative than others. But creativity exists in all of us, and sometimes it just takes a little willingness and acceptance to let our creativity shine.

If you feel like you’re stuck creatively, or just want to expand your creativity, here are some tips to help you get inspired and help you get creative.

How to be more creative


As a writer, I find journaling to be the best way to keep my creativity flowing. We have so much in our hearts. Putting it all on paper can make us feel lighter, more open, and more receptive to fresh imaginative and original ideas and inspiration. Journaling can also help us discover what we don’t even know is inside of us. When you start writing and get your pencil to move to paper, unexpected things can happen that we may have missed in our lives. Giving our minds space and time to process these ideas is important to open up these creative channels.we like these Journaling Tips from Wit & Delight.

Clear the clutter.

This can be interpreted literally and figuratively. When our lives are cluttered, we have a hard time thinking straight and often start to feel trapped in our professional and personal lives. By clearing this clutter, we freed up space to see what’s below. You can start by cleaning your house. Develop an organization system to make it easier to keep organized and clean. Invest in and label some litter boxes, donate and throw away old unused items. This will help you focus on your thoughts and ideas, rather than the stress and overwhelming feelings that can come from being caught up in the chaos. Once your house is clean, put your focus back on your mind.I mentioned recently morning paper in my post about Slow down in a fast-moving world I support this process. This is the best way to clear the clutter in your head and find the good stuff underneath.

Rest awhile.

When we push things too far without resting our minds and bodies, we only make things worse. Give yourself a break every few hours to make sure you don’t burn out and get out of this creative mind. Creativity needs space and time to grow and flourish. Treat it like a garden.

Try new ones.

Trying new things is one of the best ways to be creative. Don’t underestimate yourself either. I’ve never considered myself good at drawing or painting, but when I recently started painting digitally (I know it’s not even the same as actually painting) I found it such a creative and relaxing activity. Try taking a painting and sipping class with some friends, or sign up for a pottery class. Do something outside your comfort zone. Maybe something you’ve always wanted to try. Don’t let any stories you create about not being good enough or knowing enough hold you back. What’s the worst that can happen? Better yet, what’s the best? you have this!

Take a quiet walk.

We often go for a walk and immediately plug in a podcast, audio or music. Don’t get me wrong, I love walking and listening. But occasionally try to give yourself quiet walking time. We don’t often unplug from technology and it’s such a wonderful environment to be outside. As you walk and adjust your senses during this long time, pay attention to the thought that comes up and see where it takes you.

Write or read poetry.

Poetry is a great way to spark creativity. Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer or poet, try it. You might surprise yourself. Find a special place outside or inside that energizes you and makes you feel alive. Consider your senses – what do you see, hear, feel, smell, taste? Let your thoughts run along the page without judgment or overthinking. One of the best things about poetry is that there are no rules! Just write and see what happens. If writing poetry isn’t your thing, try reading it. I love how so few words in a poem can inspire so many thoughts, explanations and ideas. Maybe share a poem with a friend and discuss it together. It’s always interesting to see how others interpret things differently and learn from these new ideas.

see something new.

When we stay in the same place and do the same things day in and day out, our creativity starts to suffer. Ordinary life certainly does not inspire creativity. One way to put your creativity to work again is to see new things. That doesn’t mean you need to take a big trip, although that’s fine too. You can visit a nearby town that you’ve never been to. Push yourself a little outside your comfort zone and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the exciting new ideas and ideas.

Have a creative meeting with friends or colleagues.

Sometimes we’re just stuck in our own minds and can’t get out of our own way. One of the best ways to get out of these stereotypes is to pitch ideas with people you admire, trust, and value. We often want to do everything on our own, but when we join forces with others, we can merge ideas and make them even more amazing.

Find your inner child.

Children are creative because they are still open and have not fallen prey to all the pressures and expectations of the world. They are carefree and accept the world around them. This allows them to embrace and share all their creativity without fear of judgment or failure. What a beautiful thing this is. Raise your inner child and see what you discover.

Get moving.

Exercise (whatever you choose) is one of the best ways to unleash our inner creativity.While it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how and why, in general, exercise Has been shown to improve people’s imagination, creativity and ability to develop new ideas.

listen to music.

Music is said to inspire creativity and increase productivity. Whether it’s classical, easy listening or folk, everyone has their own preferences. Choose a playlist that inspires you!This Berkeley article outlines How music can help us be more creative.

What’s your favorite way to get creative? Let us know in the comments.

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