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How to Create Luxurious Fashion Style

you might think a Luxurious appearance Mainly relying on designer clothing and high-end handbags. However, with just a few tweaks, you can transform your current wardrobe from everyday to elevated style. Here are the basic steps to achieve luxe style without breaking the bank.

Know your size

First and most important, know your measurements. You want your clothes to fit like a glove, so they give the impression of being made just for you, rather than off the rack.

Find your key measurements including waist, hip width and inner leg length. You should also make an appointment to find out your correct bra size, if applicable.Choose clothes based on your size, not Commercial sizes may vary depending on store to store Will ensure a perfect fit every time.

For items like a suit, it's well worth asking a tailor to fine-tune the garment to fit your body shape.

find your color

Everyone is unique, but we all fall into certain categories when it comes to skin tone, which determines what color clothing we should wear. Wearing harmonious shades will make you look put together, while contradictory colors will make you look less stylish.

you can do Test your skin tone at home Or seek the services of professionals. Warm colors are best suited for earth colors such as red and yellow, while cool colors are best suited for blues and greens.

Add accessories

Accessories It's a simple and understated way to elevate an outfit to a level of luxury.

You can invest in watches from big brands or Find a special piece of second-hand jewelry Made of real gold and precious stones. Having a relatively valuable and unique accessory that you wear every day will add a touch of glam to all your outfits.

luxury accessoriesluxury accessories
luxury accessories

Take the same approach with your bags, hats, sunglasses, and shoes so that no matter what you wear, you look luxurious from head to toe.

Investment basics

One of the steps to creating that often-overlooked luxe style is investing in basics. Not all jeans and T-shirts are made equally, and since they form the basis of most of your looks, they should be of high quality.

Pay attention to fit, but also pay attention to fabric! Choose natural materials like cotton and linen instead of thin, shiny materials like polyester and nylon. Not only are these fabrics more breathable and comfortable to wear, they are also more washable and stand the test of time better than synthetic materials.

make a statement

Finally, don’t forget to make a statement. Confidence is an important part of fashion, and nothing exudes confidence more than wearing well-designed, eye-catching clothing.

Add a selection of statement pieces to your wardrobe and use them sparingly to create a buzz at special events. Examples include blazers for a sophisticated professional look, eye-catching scarves and on-trend multi-season jackets.

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