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How to find the best refrigerator for the holidays

With the holidays and intimate gatherings approaching, having a reliable refrigerator at home is a must. Refrigerators play an important role in our homes as it reflects not only the food we preserve but also the health of our families and loved ones. Therefore, having the right refrigerator is an important factor, especially in terms of efficiency, convenience, beauty, and ease it provides to every user.

Choosing a refrigerator that perfectly suits your lifestyle and is tailored to your family’s needs is crucial as it will have a huge impact on your kitchen, which is an important part of our homes. These are influenced by a variety of factors such as capacity, size, innovative features and efficiency, guiding you to make a more informed buying decision or switch to a device worth investing in, giving you maximum convenience, ease and value for money.

Sharp is customer-centric and caters to the needs of most Filipino kitchen households with its world-class refrigerator products that prioritize functionality and provide long-lasting convenience and a worry-free experience. Sharp is also proud of its Japanese technology products, which offer quality, innovation and technology to elevate the standards of your kitchen. Sharp offers a wide range of products, including side-by-side refrigerators, 5-door refrigerators, 4-door refrigerators, and 2-door inverter refrigerators, to suit all types of homes and lifestyles.

When looking for the ideal refrigerator, here are the qualities you must know that will help you get through your busy day and meet your family’s needs. Here are some qualities that can help you find the best refrigerator that is sure to come in handy this holiday season.

Modern and sophisticated look

You’ll Love Sharp’s New Peach Series Refrigerators (SJ-FTS08BVS-DS, 7.9 cubic feet (Also 8.9 cubic feet, 10.1 cubic feet, 12.7 cubic feet), Add wisdom to your kitchen. Having a beautiful kitchen makes cooking more fun and making the home more exciting. The new Peach range features a sleek, modern design that you’re sure to love, especially its space-saving layout and elegant matte finish. In addition, Sharp also has a four-door frost-free inverter refrigerator (SJ-FTF525BVP-DS (20.8 cubic feet)) That It’s sure to become a favorite in your next kitchen with its sophisticated look. This model won the 2021 IF Design Award, one of the world’s most prestigious product design awards. Indeed, Sharp refrigerators combine style and comfort, with both beauty and functionality.

Innovation and energy saving

Sharp is committed to providing products with Japanese technology that embody its commitment to quality and innovative advanced features. The new model is equipped with J-Tech inverter technology, making it more energy efficient, allowing you to save more. Sharp refrigerators have also passed the strict seven-layer Japanese quality protection and are proven to operate safely and have high battery life in various situations. It also comes with innovative features such as bionic LED light, smart cooling fan, Extra Cool Plus mode, energy saving mode, quick freezing and antibacterial deodorizer. Indeed, this is the best choice for your home, making life easier and more convenient.

Large storage/capacity

The storage capacity of your refrigerator is one of the main factors to consider as it can solve all the storage problems you will encounter, especially during the busy seasons in your kitchen. Some common problems are storing large food trays, boxed foods, and larger quantities of items. Therefore, having a reliable large-capacity storage for all your needs is an absolute must, especially for different types of occasions. One of the advantages of the new Peach range model is that it also comes with super-freezer availability, large vegetable bins and counter depth.In addition, Sharp also has 5 doors (SJ-FTW27CVP-BK, 26.8 cubic feet), (SJ-FTF27CVP-BK, 27.1 cubic feet) and 4 doors (SJ-FTS600BVP-SS, 23.9 cubic feet), (SJ-FLG16AVP-BK, 16.7 cubic feet) Frost-free inverter refrigerator, That It’s sure to become your next best friend, with a variety of storage capacities to suit all your needs.

Keep food quality at its best

Maintaining the quality of your family’s food is critical because it affects your family’s health. Therefore, having a reliable refrigerator should be your top priority in maintaining the best quality of your food. Sharp is proud of its models equipped with Purified Ion Cluster Technology (PCI), which cleans the air inside the refrigerator by releasing positive and negative ions and converting them into food-safe water molecules, thereby reducing undesirable contaminants The level of odor extends the shelf life. New peach series (SJ-FTS11BVS-DS, SJ-FTS13BVS-DS) Models also feature PCI technology and moisture resistance to keep food fresher and hydrated longer.

The start of the holiday season also marks the beginning of a busier kitchen, which also calls for better, more responsive solutions to meet your needs. Make the upcoming holidays more exciting, worry-free and a time to celebrate precious moments at home with the efficiency and advanced features of Sharp refrigerators.

For more updates and information about Sharp refrigerators and new Peach series models, please visit the official Sharp website: and Sharp’s official Facebook page: You can also visit major appliance stores near you.

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