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How to find the podcast topics and ideas you actually participated in

What format should my podcast be in?

Although it is step 1 to find out what your podcast is about, it is also important to come up with your own original format, as this will help you stand out from the crowd of other podcasts and define your marketing strategy.

Wisteria flower Four main podcast formats have been identified:

1. Narrative Podcast

These podcasts work like audiobooks divided into episodes. They tell stories about people, buildings, countries, etc.

Radio laboratory It is one of the best examples of this podcast format.

As a subtype of this format is also storytelling Podcasts, each new episode tells a fictional story.

2. Solo Podcast (Commentary)

Solo podcasts rely on the host’s personal brand and their unique perspectives.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is a typical example of this type.

3. Co-hosted podcasts

This format is similar to a separate podcast, but involves two or more niche experts sharing their views on current news, trends, or events.

Salesforce has a great co-hosted podcast called Marketing Cloud Broadcast.

4. 1:1 interview podcast

The difference between co-hosted shows and interviews is that the latter focuses more on the guests, their personal stories and opinions. Tim Ferris Show This is a good example.

Interviews are a great way to connect with niche experts.

In terms of content, interviewing a podcast may be the easiest. You don’t need much research to create this type of content.

However, you do need to improve your outreach strategy to attract interesting guests on a regular basis. Here, you rely on third-party programs that can be tricky.

I am using a program called reservation To control my own interview schedule.

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