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How to make the authenticity of the brand shine

establish trust It is the foundation for a strong relationship between the company and its potential customers.

Today’s consumers want—and expect—the brand they come into contact with is authentic. If you cannot deliver, you will see it reflected in your sales.

Brand authenticity refers to your ability to be honest with your audience, not only about your values ​​and ethics, but also less attractive things such as your mistakes and defects. It’s about embracing who you are, as a brand, a company, and a culture, Build trust through transparency -Instead of trying to fake it through obfuscation.

So how can the authenticity of your brand shine?Here are some ways to make a real and lasting connection with your customers based on your identity and not just what you want them to do Thinking you are.

Share your origin story

Before there is a product, marketing strategy, And a sales quota, have an idea.

The origin story of your company tells your customers your starting point and goals. More than just answering questions about the steps you took to get your brand started, it also helps explain the mission behind your product or service, and what you ultimately want to achieve.

Go back to your “About Us” page and look for ways to build authenticity in your story.This may mean restructuring your origin story to revolve around your brand value or include some The mistakes and failures you have overcome. This may also mean putting yourself in the context of your industry and acknowledging the broader problems you are seeking to solve.

Your origin story is not the only place where you can put brand authenticity first and center, but it should definitely be part of the process.

Bring customers behind the scenes on social media

One of the biggest social media tips It is to regard social channels as a window into the soul of the brand.The content you share and the way you participate have real power to enhance the authenticity of your brand and win the love of your customers, and you can get a lot of benefits by using it to let your followers peek at your products company culture as well as.

Some ways to demonstrate brand authenticity on social media include:

  • Show how you can attract customers and follow up with potential customers
  • Give followers insight into your marketing process
  • Showcase your CEO’s work to prepare for the quarterly meeting

None of this is fascinating, and it may not even cause a lot of participation. What it does successfully, however, is to let your followers understand the inner workings of your company, and even (perhaps especially) boring things. It shows them that you have nothing to hide, and in the final analysis, everything you do is for the sake of your customers.

Build brand authenticity in your content

Your company values ​​need to be the foundation for all aspects of your content, from the topics and ideas you cover to your tone and overall message. After all, if your content is not authentic, it will be difficult for you to convince customers elsewhere to believe in this authenticity.

Generally, you should be consistent Create content This highlights the expertise, ethics and methods of your team and company. Similar to social media, you should give customers insight into how the wheels turn.

There are many brands that do well in this regard. Here are some examples:


Since the first real beauty event in 2004, pigeon Has succeeded in making their brand name synonymous with self-love and acceptance. They convey this message in marketing and advertising content so well that their mission is inherently intertwined with the meaning of buying and using Dove products.

Southwest Airlines


Airlines don’t put customers first—you know this, the travel industry knows it, and Southwest Airlines knows it (and they’re not afraid to talk about it). The company does a great job marketing itself as a good traveler, Not only around them doing the right thing (hello, free checked baggage) to convey information, but also around how these policies are designed to combat competitors’ ethical practices.


Patagonia Have a clearly defined mission statement to ensure that its products do not cause unnecessary harm to the environment. From donating 1% of all sales to grassroots organizations to developing plans to reduce the use of chemicals in the supply chain, Patagonia has shown that they have practiced what they preach, thus establishing a foundation of trust and allowing consumers to They buy with confidence.

Don’t be afraid to be you. Be authentic in your marketing and practice, and show your customers the true meaning of working with your brand.

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